29th Mar 2001, 05:16

We get about 280 to 330 miles per tank full - the higher figure reflecting an out of town trip. The tyres are Michelin ZX, were slightly worn when we bought the car. The fronts have about 5 - 6 mm left after 12,000, I can't see any wear on the backs at all. Personaly I never rotate tyres - you just end up having to pay for 4 at once! I expect the fronts will need changing soonish so 15,000 is probably about right. But if I had rotated them they would have lasted much more. We used to have one of the older waggons - that only managed 240 miles to a tank with just an 1800 cc engine, so that is why I was pleased by what we are getting now.

21st May 2001, 14:21

Thanks for your comment which I've just read. My in town mileage is about 250-280 per tank, but on a run fully loaded and at 80 - 85 MPH (On the continent) Fuel consumption is very good about 350 miles. You've confirmed what I've always thought about Michelin - They are the best and will be fitted to my car very soon. My second set of Bridgestone's are barely legal on the rear and have about 3mm on the front after a total of 26,000 miles on the clock. I must admit I have been used to cars doing about 25K front and 40K rear which is where my surprise comes from.

Thank you very much for your comments.

21st May 2001, 14:25

I've just noticed that you are also suffering from brake judder under heavy use - I also have this. Please email me at mammoth79@hotmail.com if I can be of any assistance or you wish to exchange Spacewagon experiences.

2nd Jun 2001, 07:31

I have a 1986 GLXi, have also had brake judder under severe braking conditions from the onset (bought new), but have not had the tire wear you noted. My original set of Bridgstones lasted 80,000 Km, my current set Goodrich are almost mint at 111,000 Km. One tankfull of unleaded lasts me 500 km city, 575 highway.

I have had a problem which needed replacement of the entire distribution half-axle at a "modest" $1,000.

1st Aug 2001, 17:08

I am the person who wrote the original comment. My car was diagnosed with warped and worn brake discs at the last service after I told the dealer AGAIN about the problem. Initially they told me it was because asbestos had been removed from the pad material (I thought it had been removed 20 years ago!) but after adding £20 to my service bill they said my discs needed replacing at a cost of £200 + £70 labour + £45 pads.

I took this up with Mitsubishi who eventually agreed to supply the discs free of charge for which I was very grateful. On bringing into the dealer I left clear instructions to change the discs and pads, but in order to save me money (!!) they decided to fit the old pads which were 4years old and had covered 28500 miles and may have contributed to the early failure of the discs. The car is going back to have new ones fitted at my request.

I will let you draw your own conclusions from this tale.

9th Sep 2002, 13:46

2.5 year old GlXi. Not many miles on it - about 14K, but no tyre changes yet.

Have had brake judder too (at relatively high speed) from about 1.5 year old. Dealer service diagnosed front brake discs distorted and gave same cost as in earlier (not under warranty. I had them removed and independently skimmed (engineering company said they were only slightly out of true, but it was disconcerting at speed). Now they are fine.

Confirm long distance mpg is upto 35 but more regular driving average is about 25.

21st Oct 2002, 04:14

I purchased a Space Wagon in the UK in September 2002 having been the owner of 3 previous models. I must admit to having steering and braking problems with 2 of my previous vehicles, but I really like this model - it suits my needs perfectly. The latest car I have seems fine regarding steering & brakes, but I do have a problem with the finish/material on the door pillars. In the UK we call this particular finish "flock" - it is shedding very badly in my new vehicle and causes the whole family to cough & splutter. Fortunately the dealer is changing the finish to a vinyl, but this has taken some time to organize. Colt Car Company were (initially) not very helpful in resolving this problem. Anyone else out there experienced this unpleasant fault?

24th Oct 2002, 05:56

I have had a worry regarding the finish on the door pillars of my new Space Wagon. It seems to spread small fibers around the interior. I just hope it is not causing any damage to my lungs. Following the previous message, I plan to discuss this problem with my dealer in the UK.

28th Oct 2002, 03:50

Mitsubishi take note: there are many people who are concerned about the fibres being circulated around the Space Wagon interior. These appear to be coming from the main pillars. Let's all hope this is not a long-term health problem.

17th Jan 2003, 06:11

H-reg Spacewagon GLX - Have had for 9 years, runs like a dream other than above average petrol consumption. Enjoy feeling of solidity and strength, tyres only changed once in 60,000 miles. Ideal as disability vehicle; a vehicle way ahead of competitors.

3rd Oct 2003, 17:18

As the original writer of this review I am pleased to say that I have sold this car on. Whilst not pleased to see the car go I am pleased with not having to put up with poor dealer service. I think this car was very well built and excellent until it was serviced. When I contacted the dealer to say they wouldn't be seeing me again their response was that I had experienced a lot of bad luck!! - Bad luck when your paying their "technicians" £80 per hour.

Tyre wear on the Goodyear NCT5's looked much better than the Bridgestones - I don't recommend the latter. Look out for brake judder - oh the main dealer fixed my brakes by swapping them with one of their used vehicles - they even had the front to tell me.

A great car if you can find yourself a good independant garage to maintain it - a million times better than the Zafira. If you want to follow my further experiences look at my reviews for my new 1.9TDI Seat Alhambra.

18th Sep 2009, 16:13

I'm just about to buy a 1997 2.0 gl-xi for my partner and two boys, I currently have a 2.0 Nissan Maxima, which I'm going to trade for a bike when I buy the Spacewagon.

But will the wagon be better on fuel than the Maxima?? Anyone know???