31st Dec 2003, 19:44

I bought a 1985 Tredia Turbo, used back in 1996. It had a ton of miles (over 100k) but other than that was in pretty good shape. It has been one of the most dependable cars I have ever owned! Other than the normal annual maintenance costs associated with an older car, it never had a "down day" and has taken a licken and kept on ticken! I recently bought a van... (kids got too big for the car) but I still can't bare to part with my little car. It's presently sitting in my driveway, waiting for someone to give it enough TLC to put it back on the road again!

3rd Apr 2004, 06:47

I have driven an '84 turbo since new and still have it. Great car. Finally blew up the turbo on the track running it way over redline. First problem in 20 years, and I think that it was a fairly explainable one. ;)

11th Jan 2005, 23:35

My first car ever was a 1985 Mitsubishi Tredia Turbo and I still mourn its passing. I put that car through all kinds of treatment that it was never engineered to handle. I took it off road on jeep trails, hydroplaning over mud puddles at around forty mph leaving the trucks in my rear-view, and I buried the speedometer on rt 15 in Connecticut. I got all four wheels off the ground several times, and I even drove it through the occasional corn field. I pulled E-brake 360s on dirt, pavement, and snow and once I even forded a small stream in that car. My adult love life got its start in the back seat of that car (not the easiest task in a small compact). I know the car wasn't the safest vehicle ever built, and, looking back, I think my parents shouldn't have let a 16 year old buy a turbo charged "sports" car, but that little car owns a little piece of my heart.

12th Mar 2006, 22:05

I had a 1985 Mitsubishi Tredia L in California. It was one of the best cars I have ever owned. At the time I chose it over a Nissan, which cost about the same for a smaller car with fewer features. The only reason I sold it was to move to a place where I couldn't take it easily. The Tredia L never gave a bit of trouble and got great gas mileage. I remember it with fondness.

28th Mar 2006, 20:30

I bought a 1983 Tredia Turbo in 1987 and had it about 4 years.

I recall 2 problems - the first was the "supershift" gearbox - essentially a 4-speed box with high and low ratios that had a problem with a nut falling off inside it somewhere - cost a bit for a new box. The problem was known for these boxes, and apparently there was no fix at that time.

The 2nd problem was less expensive - under heavy braking the puddle lights in the doors would flash on! I attributed this to the 4-door sedan body shell not being as stiff as the Cordia hatch shell fitted to the same floor plan.

Otherwise it was an excellent car - well equipped for the day, a good performer with economy as well.

18th Dec 2007, 22:37

Hey guys, I'm from New Zealand, right beside Australia, the land down under. I've just purchased a 1983 Mitsubishi Tredia Turbo 1600 SOHC suck-feed turbo carby. I'm from the North Island part of NZ and it's in the South Island, so I'm getting it sent via train. It's done 117,000km's, it's a 4 speed with power shift 5 speed, and I'm going to put a later model Mirage (88) Fiore shape 5 speed gearbox in there for now, but...

I've got a rare 6A10 1.6L V6 DOHC heads engine, in which I have a Galant VR4 6A12TT V6 DOHC heads donor engine, in which I have transferred everything except the bare block and heads onto the rare 1.6L V6 bare block and heads. I am using a little bit larger twin TD03 turbo's from 6a13tt later model Galant/Legnum VR4's. I will be rebuilding the original 6A10 gearbox with the 6a12tt VR4 4wd brand new internals with a Cusco Evo 3/Eclipse/Talon 2G LSD. The engine is in the process of being machined/acid cleaned/necessary custom parts - pistons, then will be assembled. I will be using the 6a12tt VR4 ECU & loom too. The chassis is in pristine condition, not a spec of rust, so I will completely seam-weld the whole chassis to handle the weight and friction from the heavy/powerful 1.6L V6... Also will weld in series on strengthening bars and maybe a light roll-cage.

I am hoping the 83 Turbo Tredia has a front cross-member to give the front-end the maximum strength it needs for the V6.

I will have a full custom white trimmed interior, with Recaro front seats and maybe Recaro Evo rear seats made to fit.

I've always wanted a Turbo Tredia, preferably a later model 4WD version, but for the rare numbers of the Turbo Tredia's and 4WD Tredia's, the people that own them will never give them up haha. They're that much of a great car...

29th Mar 2009, 12:43

Hello, I'm Daniel from Romania, and the TREDIA Turbo 1600 was my first car, which I still have. Recently it was hit in front left, but I would like to fix it if I find the car parts. The car is rare in Romania, and the year of manufacture is older (1984) so parts are hard to find. Appreciate any ideas where to find items and body parts for this car. You can write on daniel_ilovan@yahoo.com, thanks.

13th Jan 2010, 10:39

I took my driving test in 1986 in a friend's '85 or '86 Tredia automatic. It was a neat car and had a nice overall feel to it, MUCH better than the '70s cars most of the people I knew were driving! It had a digital dash that was really cutting edge back then. If I had a Jay Leno type car collection, I would sure want a Tredia included.

9th Apr 2015, 05:23

Hi, people I'm in South Africa. I'm looking for a 1.8t Tredia turbo repair manual. If you can help, please email me on rakesh.saran@ymail.com