1998 Mitsubishi Verada EI 3.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Worth every cent!



General Comments:

This is the best car I ever bought, hence, I still have it after 10 years. I have given it all its services, and nothing has ever gone wrong with it. It goes like the day I bought it new. Its very comfortable, has a great stereo, climate control is fantastic, very smooth ride, great for long drives.

Its very gutsy and can take most stock V8 cars at the lights, and in the wet, it takes everything at the lights because the front wheel drive 3.5L can get away so easy without wheel spin. It loves wet roads.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2007

18th Mar 2010, 07:32

I mostly agree on everything you said, but on wet roads the only thing can be wheel spin from take off in the wet, which is understandable, considering all that power, but if you take it easy, you are fine.

I wish they still made the Verada, I'm a proud owner and love it, a car ahead of its time, fantastic performance.

21st Jun 2010, 02:56

Yes, mine's great, but its hopeless in the wet. It spins the tyres like no tomorrow, but I'm a proud owner too. :)

1998 Mitsubishi Verada XI 3.5L V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Luxury and comfort to a T


135000km rear electric aerial ground to a halt.

159000km had complete breakdown of the auto transmission (planetary set), apparently a common fault with Magnas. Nearly $3000 to recondition.

Issues with rear boot catch, another fault with Magnas.

Fuel economy is very average unfortunately.

General Comments:

Performance: A very fast sporty car, corners well, beautiful to drive.

Interior: Ample interior space and lighting, comfortable adjustable seats, excellent climate control.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2006

13th Dec 2009, 14:57

A brilliant car, and has everything most expensive cars have for a lot less.

Only issue of late is that every now and then the car will not start. The motor turns, but no ignition to start the car. Have spent a lot of $ as I love the car, but the the problem still persists. Have had the computer changed, and the fault finder eliminated what the dealer thought it was, but the problem still exists. I have to wait approx 1 hr before the car will again start. Please help as I truly think the overall performance is great, and I want to keep it.

1998 Mitsubishi Verada Xi 3.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A luxury car with a sporty touch


1) Original battery had went dead, but is expected after 70,000 km of traveled distance.

2) Minor rattle at the centre clock console, minor fix.

3) Hand brake cable had gone loose at 60,000 km and require tightening.

4) Brake disc required machining at 65,000 km.

Otherwise, nothing else has gone wrong.

General Comments:

1) Powerful and silky smooth engine with a transmission to match.

2) Strong acceleration from both stand still and in motion.

3) Powerful braking.

4) Fuzzy logic transmission works best with some form of manual override (using T Bar).

5) Understeer and wheel spin tends to be a problem in the wet.

6) Better than average fuel economy in the same V6 class.

7) Rear leg room might be a problem for tall passengers.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2001

16th Oct 2016, 09:31

All of these problems are the same with all cars; brake machining is normal.