11th Oct 2003, 01:33

I agree with the first comment! I've just bought a 1995 KS Verada ei with only 164000 and it drives like a dream. I've had RACV check it out. Repco checked it out even my mate at Holden to check it out!

So comfortable and the ride is ace!

Everything about it is so smooth!

It was a great buy!

3rd Aug 2004, 19:35

Just purchased a Verada 95 EI in immaculate cond with 97,000 on the clock 17" alloys and brand new tyres, for 9,300 from reputable dealer. Goes well and hope it continues to! Any things to be aware of for this car?

27th Jun 2009, 04:49

I've got a 1995 KS Verada, owned it since new, just ticked over to 214,000km in 14 years. Apart from general wear and tear; tyres, brakes, servicing, all I've done is upgrade the suspension from standard to Sports suspension, put a high flow radiator in and that's it apart from a transmission service at 198,000km. In 14 years it has never missed a beat, it still looks modern and sleek today (the white models look better; since mine's been garaged since new and cared for, obviously it still looks new).

I can't fault it one little bit. I drove it from Sydney to Perth and back without hitch. When I upgrade it'll definitely be another Mitsubishi I buy.

5th Dec 2010, 01:41

I'm having trouble with the radio antenna on my 1995 Verada. The antenna is stuck and the electric motor controlling it continues to work when the motor is turned off, but the antenna remains up. Has anyone any ideas on how to fix the problem?


20th Nov 2011, 03:52

I bought second hand 1995 Mitsubishi Verada Ei in 2009. I've always had Fords from the old Cortinas right up to an F100. Despite being a dedicated Ford girl, I test drove this Verada and loved it straight away. It had been very well looked after mechanically - its bookwork showed ownership by a Mitsubishi service manager. It had minor accident damage when I purchased it at a rock bottom price. My fears about the Mitsubishi horror stories have evaporated as the vehicle has looked after my son and I faithfully. Even my psycho ex gained total respect for the vehicle as he just couldn't kill it.

Everything works, apart from the radio antenna now refusing to go up, and the CD player having stopped loading - both only recently. The vehicle delivered better performance than I thought possible, winding up through the Adelaide Hills, flew along freeways, and gave excellent fuel economy while tootling around town and countryside. The power is surprising, and there is no fear when passing vehicles on long road trips and similar.

We've packed the car to the gunnels when going camping, including stashing most of a pallet of firewood on board. I've grown very attached to the car, and hope it runs indefinitely.

My only concerns are the tendency to develop a 'flat spot' while accelerating from lowest to next gear - the car seems to drop a bit of power and then bite hard again. Similar problem with reversing from awkward areas - it can stall in reverse. Probably just tune-up issues, but they have recurred after last service.

One other grizzle - in heavy rainfall she seems to let moisture in around the small quarter panel windows and the seal around the front doors - maybe seal problems? My son tells me also the back windscreen gets it a bit. (Don't laugh - we packed it with Wettex cloths - problem solved!).

I could do with pointing to a good repair shop for electric windows, CD player, antenna type problems, but other than that - we love her.