1963 Morgan +4 2.3L Straight Four from North America


Simply marvelous and a pure joy


Replaced many of the frame parts.

Replaced the head gasket twice.

Replaced the exhaust system.

Replaced the old leather convertible top.

Put new spoked rims on, but for vanity only.

General Comments:

Morgans are a truly unique and marvelous automobiles that redefine a place in history. These cars are not meant to compete with the Italian cars of the day, but are meant to be for the enjoyment of people worldwide. The car is quick and very nimble, but not the softest ride you'll ever have.

Being of the old British Engineering mindset, the car does require frequent tuning and maintenance. An experienced mechanic will have no problem keeping this machine finely tuned and on the road.

Morgans are very weather sensitive and do not suit well to the southern climates. An air circulation design flow causes the engines to over heat quite easily. With some modifications, this problem can be fixed. I have found that this car does not take well to rain. A very soggy driver and passenger along with frequent shorts will make a country drive very uncomfortable.

I absolutely love this car despite the work it takes to keep it running well. It is a joy beyond all others to drive and people stop you wherever you go to look at the beautiful lines and curves. This is not a car for people who have no mechanical know-how or for those just want to get in the car anytime and drive. It takes patience and a good sense of humor to own a Morgan, but it is all definitely worth it.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2005