1968 Morris 1100 Super 1.1 from UK and Ireland


A good car for its time, shame about the rust!


Light switch broke at 50000 miles.

Hydrolastic pipe failed at 52000 miles. The main dealer service was appalling, they couldn't find the leak, I had to get under the car with the mechanic and show him the leak I was paying them to find, they charged a fortune for the job, and managed to put the steering wheel back on crooked. When I complained about this, they said they would charge me to put it back on straight.

I never went there again, and told anyone who cared to listen about the service I'd had.

Oil pump failed at 60000 miles.

Radiator drain plug fell out at 70000 miles.

It always used a bit of oil; this got progressively worse as time went by.

The transmission got a bit jerky towards the end of its life.

It died of terminal rust, like so many of its kind.

General Comments:

My first automatic, I was living in London at the time, and it was ideal for the job.

I liked the fact it had four forward gears, and the engine was slightly more powerful than the manual version, so kept up with traffic easily.

Handling and road holding were very good compared to other cars of the same vintage, and the ride was smooth too.

I thought it very comfortable when I had it; I daresay I might not have the same opinion now!

The boot was tiny, and the back seat was surprisingly roomy.

I made several long journeys in it, it would cruise along the motorways happily at 60-65 mph; any faster and it sounded a bit strained.

A full load made quite a difference to its performance; going up a 25% gradient in with four adults aboard meant crawling up in 1st gear at 12 mph!

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2011