1974 Morris 1800 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


BL lives down to its reputation


A forgotten model, and deservedly so if mine was anything to go by. Although a cheapy banger, it was the worst I'd ever owned, and one I got ripped off buying.

In the space of six months, the alternator failed, driveshaft snapped, driver's window regulator collapsed, headlight fell out due to advanced inner wing corrosion, it wouldn't start on cold mornings, and the floor/sill joint was rotten along the whole driver's side.

Water pump bearings failed.

General Comments:

Big and comfortable to ride in when it was working, possible the largest seats of any car I owned. With surprisingly good handling for such a big heavy car, but so woefully unreliable and with such a myriad of built in rust traps that it qualifies unreservedly as a total pup.

Never did more than 25 mpg, pretty sluggish acceleration, with a gearchange that was just like the Maxi's - like stirring a bucket of marbles with a knitting needle.

I could barely contain my glee when the water pump failed, throwing the fan blades into the radiator and thus consigning it to the scrapyard. (it was a very involved job on these)

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Review Date: 5th July, 2009