1958 Morris Isis Series II 2.6 C-series from Australia and New Zealand


Like an Oxford on steroids :-)


I've restored the Isis, so...

Engine rebuilt (twice... a fault with the company doing the work, not the engine).

Left-hand rear axle seal needed replacing.

Rubber suspension bushes replaced.

Rear springs re-tempered.

Fuel pump overhauled (needed a thump to make it work)

Front wiring loom replaced - had melted at some stage.

Clutch replaced.

Rear-main engine seal leaks some oil. Needs an after-market seal fitted.

Master cylinder and slave cylinders re-sleeved.

Has a tendency to run hot if idling for a while.

General Comments:

Love the right-hand floor change!

Much better brakes than the Oxford.

Handling and steering are OK and can be hustled along quickly, but is noticeably less nimble than an Oxford.

Best bit - it looks like a Morris Oxford but goes *much* faster. I've got twin SUs and a hotter cam in mine and it goes nicely. It can reach 100mph, yet can pull well from 15mph in top gear.

6-cylinder engine sounds great :-)

Excellent car for towing trailers - lots of low-revving torque.

Very simple to work on and very reliable.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2008