1971 Morris Marina Reviews

1971 Morris Marina 1300L 4-dr 1.3 OHV from UK and Ireland

Year of manufacture1971
First year of ownership1978
Most recent year of ownership1985
Engine and transmission 1.3 OHV Manual
Performance marks 6 / 10
Reliability marks 8 / 10
Comfort marks 7 / 10
Dealer Service marks 5 / 10
Running Costs (higher is cheaper) 7 / 10
Overall marks (average of all marks)
6.6 / 10
Distance when acquired75000 miles
Most recent distance130000 miles
Previous carRover - Austin 1300GT


Good family car, but lacking charisma


Lost synchromesh on second and third gears.

Front dampers lost fluid due to worn bushes, and needed replacement.

High oil consumption on Gold Seal BMC engine traced to incomplete sets of rings fitted in the factory.

General Comments:

Nice velour upholstery, and spacious as well.

Crazy positioning of radio not properly visible from RHD driving position.

Front-end lift at speed caused the steering to feel extremely light.

Bootlid torsion bars came loose regularly.

This was a reliable car.

Excellent A-series engine was well suited to the car, with very good torque characteristics.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2002

1971 Morris Marina L 1.3 from UK and Ireland

Year of manufacture1971
First year of ownership2001
Most recent year of ownership2001
Engine and transmission 1.3 Manual
Performance marks 9 / 10
Reliability marks 9 / 10
Comfort marks 6 / 10
Running Costs (higher is cheaper) 9 / 10
Overall marks (average of all marks)
8.3 / 10
Distance when acquired10000 miles
Most recent distance10750 miles
Previous carLDV Sherpa


Seriously under-rated, economical, nippy cars


Exhaust system after many years.

Brake rubbers, first since manufacturered.

Clutch rubbers, probably first since manufactured.


General Comments:

If you want one of the cheapest, most reliable vehicles ever made, ignore the moronic scoffs from others, buy a Morris Marina or Ital, keep everything lubricated properly and you'll be amazed! Wonderful cars.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2001

1st Nov 2001, 09:42

Spot on, costs nothing to insure or run - they just keep on running.

18th Aug 2002, 17:41

I agree entirely. A very reliable car which could be trusted to take you anywhere.

8th May 2004, 21:12

My 1974 Austin Marina here in Colorado has proved to be a very tough old girl indeed! Dead simple to maintain, very robust, and seriously underrated!

Average review marks: 7.4 / 10, based on 2 reviews