31st Aug 2004, 10:11

OK... I have read this with interest. The second comment is still in situ, but the first has been deleted! If someone were to read the above comment having never visited this page before, they would have no clue whatsoever as to what it is on about! They'd wonder exactly what comment the above is referring to! I will try to recall the (deleted) comment for those not in the know: "attempting to overtake in a Marina would only scare yourself!"

Incidentally my mother had a Marina, and from what she tells me (this was before I was born) it was a very reliable, and relatively quick car.

You get the point...

23rd Dec 2004, 11:52

Marina 1.8 SDL Coupe - wonderful cars - got one myself. You are right about the handling though, but the Spax telescopics all round have sorted all that out. Have a look www.marinacoupe.co.uk. Cheers.

16th Aug 2005, 18:23

Happy memories! I had a 1972 Marina 1.3 Super Coupe for a few years. I brush painted it purple, which my mates though was really funny. My dog left paw prints in the wet paint on drivers door. Big rust holes in floor which sprayed passengers with muddy water in wet weather. Speeds over 50 MPH impossible due to violent vibration problems. Have been questioned in three separate occasions by cops in regard to bank robberies and drug running with this car, including stripping car down to small parts search for hidden drugs (who would use a car with 50MPH top speed for drug running / getaway car???). Drum brakes fade dramatically when going down mountain roads (scary). Lighting not good, best not to drive at night time if possible. Car best suited for old people who drive around town slowly during the daylight hours.

3rd Jun 2008, 15:12

I owned 3 Marinas in the 1980's. All were 1.8, but the automatic was a slug and not good on fuel. The other two had very high mileage and I drove them hard. Went through front brake pads. After I blew the engine in the last one and discarded of it, I missed it.

I've always thought of getting another to build for driving, but thought it a problem to find a good Marina. In 2003 there was one on eBay, but I couldn't bid at the time as other things were priority.

In January 2007 I started looking, In March I found by luck the Marina I saw on eBay in 2003. I contacted the owner and by the end of the year came to an agreement for spring.

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. My wife and I flew to Wisconsin, USA on May 6, 2008 and drove it 2,100 miles home.

Had a bit of fuel pump problems, but it drove well at 70+ mph all the way. It didn't even use 1/4 liter of oil.

It's a 1975 Austin Marina GT that now has 7,600 original (yes 7,600) miles. Plans are to upgrade the engine with some help from Frank Burgess and also the suspension.

Glynn Stewart.