1955 Morris Minor 803 cc from UK and Ireland


A motoring legend awaiting re-generation


Extensive corrosion, front wings, rear leaf spring mounting points.

Electronic fuel pump failure.

Big end bearing failure/piston ring wear.

Instability approaching 55-60 m.p.h. Impossibility almost over 65 m.p.h.

General Comments:

Now, getting things into perspective, this car has been dead for over 28 years. I did a British DVLA survey a number of years ago to try and find it if it still existed, to offer to purchase, and it was listed as scrapped. But as many entries do on this site, a reflection into past ownership may be helpful to present purchasers, and being a Carsurvey Member I am always keen to add an entry and give the benefit of 38 years of motoring.

I would certainly be interested in purchasing another Minor in the near future, but suffer the inconvenience of having parking for 7 cars at my home, but all in a straight line! I personally find it almost hurtful that the Morris Minor has not been 're-created' like the VW Beetle or Mini - as it certainly is worthy of such an honour. Maybe we can live in hope?

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Review Date: 30th September, 2003

12th Feb 2005, 14:46

My first car in 1983 was a Minor Series 2, 800 cc. It was first bought in 1955 by my Great Aunt, who sold it to my grandfather in about 1961. In 1983 it really was an antique. Trafficators instead of indicators, a then ridiculous starter button (OK you pulled it) but come on you have to pay £100k for that on a car now. The performance even then was hopeless, it couldn't keep up with the traffic, however, having lived in London for about 15 years now I'd say it'd probably be fine. I sold the car as it was not practical as a first car, which I then needed. But as a cheap, head turning second car, I don't think you'll loose anything by getting a good one.