1967 Morris Minor 1000 2 Door Sedan 1.1 from North America


Haven't had more fun per mile since..


Brakes went (really) bad... gave the car to my brother who fixed the system...

Speedometer never worked right... bounced all over the place!

Hood latch broke and hood flew up on the freeway! Replaced latch and hinges... simple fix!

Exhaust literally fell off... replaced with early Datsun exhaust system... mechanic had to improvise!

Electrical system started doing odd things once my brother had it.

He sold it to a MM lover and I hear it's still on the road making someone else happy!

General Comments:

Got it because Mom drove a 1.0 '64 Minor 1000 rag-top... plum with a white top... couldn't find another convertible, but I found this one...

Very very very simple car. Cute as the day is long... the color of a Root Beer Float with Chevy Vega wheels.

Non synchro 1st gear loud... manual choke interesting to use...

Brakes not a strong point... but with drum brakes you kinda know what you're getting into...

Not fast, but it was really fun to drive.

No safety equipment of any kind with the exception of lap belts (in the front).

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 18th April, 2009