1969 Morris Minor 1000 2-door saloon 1.1 A-series from UK and Ireland


The classic car which can still earn its keep


Broken carburettor spring.

Failing 5-leaf rear axle spring (age-related problems rather than poor design).

General Comments:

A 52 year old design - yet still a very practical and usable design and a cheap way to own a motoring icon.

Excellent forward and sideways view, very light and accurate steering with bags of character and cute looks.

A willing and rugged engine gives reasonable 0-40 mph acceleration. Perfectly suitable for modern urban driving, although a bit stretched on a 70mph motorway. Usually returns 35-40 m.p.g on average.

It can't match a modern car for de-misting, braking ability, noise levels or rear suspension but it will still be going strong in 10 years time when modern super-minis are fit only for scrap.

Parts and servicing are cheap, although frequent greasing is necessary. Very cheap to run, insure and fun to drive. A large UK industry offers extensive modern upgrade options as well.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2000

1969 Morris Minor 4 Door Saloon 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Nothing yet (I've only had this particular one for 3 months).

General Comments:

These cars are cheap to run if you are capable of doing your own maintenance but expensive if you have to rely on outside specialists. They are particularly prone to rusting floorpans and to get this completely replaced (which avoids costly repairs in the future) costs around £2000 at a Minor specialist. It is false economy to have the floor repaired at a normal garage as in my experience of several over the years, the repairs are never carried out properly and usually need re-doing in a few years. If buying a Morris Minor, check that the floor has drain holes underneath. If it hasn't, it usually means its been patch repaired and will eventually rot from the inside out.

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Review Date: 31st January, 1999

16th Feb 2003, 16:27

I was surprised by your comments on Minors rusting , well every car rusts unless it's made of plastic or glass fiber , parts are very cheap too and nearly everything is available , early front wings I believe are not available anymore tough glassfibre ones exist. They are cheap to run I believe a service kit is less than £15. I only wish there was a car like it in the present day! I own 3 Minors and am thinking of getting 2 more pick-ups as they are very good work horses!

1969 Morris Minor 1000 Saloon 1079cc petrol from UK and Ireland


New petrol pump (electric), new set of points & leads. Front shocks & tie bar bushes. Engine parts easy to fit given the huge cavern of an engine bay.

General Comments:

Very easy to maintain, parts easy to get & cheap (buy the individual part not 'the whole unit'). No UK road tax to pay. Makes a great second car.

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Review Date: 18th February, 1998