5th Oct 2006, 02:57

It's brilliant!!! Had there ever been many of them in Ireland I would be driving one. Never mind you miserable other people who need your dull boring Mercedes and Audis to look cool.

22nd Nov 2006, 12:14

I have Moskvitch 2140 and I think it`s one of the best cars in the world... I live in Estonia and we have a Moskvitch Rally League...it`s very popular because it`s very fun and cheap... really cheap...i got my car about 150 euros... other Moskvitch fans-let me know about you...goldfinger_744@hotmail.com.

16th Jul 2007, 05:50

Hi guys! I remember the sunny day in 1986 when my father bought Moskwich 2140 red colour. It was a very popular colour in the Soviet Union. Not because the red flag. I was 5 year old at that time. My father was really happy and me too. He was using this car any time and everywhere! Snow, -15, -20, rain, sunshine... was running with no problems. Also was a very good off road car!!! It was like a Land Rover Defender: simple, no comfort, no safety, it was a real tank. The only problem was the rust after 8-9 years (because the weather). After the Moskwich he bought an Opel Ascona, and after that an Opel Omega 1998. Now he is thinking to buy an BMW X5 but he still miss the first car and that time too...

6th Jun 2009, 05:46

I have a '86 2140 standing in garage. I just came sitting in this car and thinking what to do with her. I found out, I still love this car :D. She's pretty, she's powerful, a bit retro and.. oh, I like it really :D

Original green color, no rust!.. Damn, I have to make a little warm-up for that and gonna drive it again :D.

2nd Jul 2009, 13:02

Hi all.

My father lives in Cuba and has a Moskvich. The model is 2140 and it is from 1981. He needs some parts and asked me to see if I can buy them online, so, please, if you know some websites, post it here for me to go and buy them.

Thanks in advance, Pedro.

My email es pescandellg@yahoo.com

2nd Feb 2010, 23:59

Hey there guys, my father in law also have a Moskvich and needs parts, so I'm asking too if you guys know where to find parts, please let me know, jomasuga25@yahoo.com. Thanks.

3rd Jul 2013, 14:15

For our museum, I am looking for rally parts for our Moskvitch 412. We have a collection Lada rally cars, so now I wish to build another Brundzacar for our place.

Guy Moerenhout, Abarth Works Museum.