19th Oct 2009, 05:23

I am considering buying a Naza Ria RS model. Can anyone offer any advice on what I need to do to avoid engine overheating / any modification on fuel consumption? Any other advice will help.

21st Oct 2009, 01:42

I'm driving a Naza Ria GS model manufactured 2004. Bought a brand new Naza. Overall it's a nice, comfortable family car. HOWEVER - Not to deny the maintenance cost is relatively high and parts are expensive. Imagine to change the timing belt; you have to have minimum RM 3700.00 in pocket. To fix a leaking hose (water coolent) cost me RM 93.00. Thinking of changing the crank shaft sensor kit? Part that starts the car will cost you over RM 200.00. The other thing - the water coolant (at the reserve water tank) - it drained out - I presume there is a leaking somewhere. Please advise.

8th Oct 2016, 02:41

Bought 2004 GS model on March 2016 for Rm5000 from a good owner in Seremban. What a deal!! But it was junk with the same issue. Engine overheated. Broken parts here and there. Cracked rims. Some dents. Well, it is an old car so you can't expect much with the price tag. But it is still a big, spacious and comfy minivan.

With some cash in hand (rm20k) I used it for the ownership interchange (JPJ n Puspakom), towing, full engine overhaul, replaced some body parts, air conditioning repair (I only had the compressor reconditioned; a new one is expensive) and got a new Nazaria OEM DVD player (this one I got lucky, a friend of my pomen sold it for close to shop price, rm250 only hehe). But I added another rm2k for a Raytech tint (borrowed from my wife. Thanks to my wife). And finally I got a good, reliable used Naza Ria. Used it for 6 months now and everything is working fine.

I am no speed junky and I use it only for long journeys, so its fuel usage is acceptable (e.g. Rm90 Nilai-Ipoh 2 adults, 5 kids). Before I decided to own this car, I did read magazines, the Internet (read forums for its faults and solutions, joined a FB group) and asked people. It's important to have a reliable pomen and a good workshop (with complete tools especially that OBD scanner). Need to keep its maintenance schedule next!