1990 Nissan 200SX 1.8 twin cam turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Everything you'd want in a car


Clutch went just after purchase, started to slip under boost.

Diff beginning to clunk when taking up drive.

A couple of rear tires.

In garage as I type this, getting new suspension bushes and steering fixed.

Wheel studs.

General Comments:

For a reasonably standard car, it's extremely good value for money.

Handling in the dry is unbeatable, over-steers willingly when provoked, yet remains easily controllable. Just nuts in the wet, any sign of boost, and traction walks off on you, yet still remains reasonably controllable.

Interior is handling its age well, clock on gauge cluster no longer lights up, seems to be the only issue inside the car.

No rust at all, a couple of small dents on sides of car. Soon to be repainted white.

Engine is mint, blows no smoke, turbo is beginning to whine, to be replaced soon with T28 off SR20det.

Only had it up to about 238km/h, almost at limiter in 5th gear, was still pulling!

Well worth what I paid for it, its everything you could possibly want in a car.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2003

1990 Nissan 200SX 1.8 Turbo 1.8 turbo from UK and Ireland


Fantastic group 16 insurance reliable rocket


The front calipers are a little seized.

There is rust on the rear sill.

The rear sub-frame bushes were perished.

Rust under rear spoiler is common place.

General Comments:

Wow, I have had many Japanese cars one of which was a 200sx before the one I own now.

It had a few faults on it when I bought it, which I have stated above. other than this it has caused no problems.

Handling on standard cars can be a little soft, but once uprated give a balanced and positive feedback.

These cars are fast, for the insurance and fuel.

Interior is comfy a little plastic, but hard wearing.

My 200sx is modified to 250bhp an is really exciting to drive, they can step out of line easily if provoked.

A very competent car which can deliver blistering performance, 30mpg (if driven correctly) and there are stacks of modifications available.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2002

1990 Nissan 200SX 1.8 turbo from UK and Ireland


Great fast car for the money, with a few low cost mods


Electric window switch (drivers) broke twice.

Drivers seat frame broke at left upper wing.

Headlight motor relay needed replacing.

Third gear synchro needed replacing.

General Comments:

This car can top 150 mph, on a long road.

Brakes are a major concern, standard pads fade quickly, and need an expensive upgrade pad.

Steering is fluffy when the car is pushed hard, giving heavy understeer, more noticeable with larger wheels, but easy to cure with NISMO tie bar bushings, which are the single best handling improvement that can be made.

Must use fully synthetic oil, to keep the turbo happy.

Road tyre noise is high, but can be cured with some sound insulation from company's like BJ auto acoustics.

Rear diff and drive shaft is super strong, and will take any amount of punishment.

Seats are poor, with little shoulder support, and little adjustment.

Engine is strong, and good for high mileage.

Sunroof can rattle, very annoying, but its actually the outer rubber that causes the noise, can be cured by using silicone polish on it regularly.

Over all the car is very quick, and easy to drive, but best to use very high quality tyres like Bridgestone SO2, which make the car very easy to drive in the wet.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2001

1990 Nissan 200SX S13 1.8 16v turbo from Austria


Turbo speed at a low price


New lambda sensor.

New battery.

Some services, nothing unusual.

General Comments:

Needs lots of fuel, especially when excessively using the turbo (4000 rpm & up) - hehe.

Cool car, some modifications made - looks really great and runs like hell (0-100 km/h ~7sec)!

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Review Date: 20th December, 2000

1990 Nissan 200SX 1.8 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


Fast car, cheap to buy (watch the insurance costs though)


Turbo gaskets - Very expensive for what they are, £60 for parts, £100 for fitting.

General Comments:

I bought the car recently after my Escort RS Turbo. It is faster, smoother, and handles better at high speeds. RWD - much fun to be had.

Parts are expensive, but well worth it to have a car with this performance. 17" Alloys going on this week, next mods are a Norris Design Stage 1 conversion!!!

I don't regret buying it!!!

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Review Date: 7th June, 2000