2000 Nissan 200SX Spec S 2.0 non turbo from Australia and New Zealand


200SX : Sheer power, Pure performance and Style in a nice little package


Nothing has gone wrong with the car, except consumables such as wipers due to wear and tear.

General Comments:

I live in New Zealand and imported a Japanese version 200sx or otherwise known as Silvia.

They come in two trim levels spec S (non turbo) and spec R (turbo).

The spec S which I have, provides power of 160hp or 119kw and weight of 1200 from a 2.0 engine (SR20DE) and turbo version spec R provides 249hp or 184kw. (One must be aware that the horse power ratings are different regarding the place the vehicle is sold and differs slightly.)

Normal equipment for my car includes: factory CD player, auto climate air control, 16 inch Nissan Alloys, two airbags, ABS breaks with break assist, xenon lights, power steering and rear wipers (which the Aussies don't have).

Shock absorbers and helical LSD (manual only, auto retains viscous unit from the previous s14 models) are from the Skyline R33 GT-R providing great response and feel when driving.

Steering is very good in dry conditions, but one must be aware that this sports car turns into a beast in wet conditions. The LSD helps in someway, but not enough.

Interior is very nice, with a titanium finish dash board, but only seats 2 people unless there are some very small people or children to fit in the rear seats. No wonder the Japanese call this car the 'date car'. Front seats are very comfortable and envelops the driver to give optimum seating position and comfort.

The boot space is small (probably fits two golf bags at max) but the rear seats fold down to provide extra room for things such as skis and snow boards.

Fuel consumption is a mix and depends on the driver. It must also be said that my spec S has a very good fuel consumption because it does not have turbo.

Modification potential is huge in this car. Even slight mods such as pod air filters and exhaust provide great improvements in horsepower. A good boy racer's car, but seems to be driven by older folk than young people.

This car is much of a driver's car. It is not smooth and quiet, but does not lack the power or speed when required. It is a very rewarding drive, but you must respect the car at all times.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2003

1st Feb 2005, 09:58

I had a 200SX Touring for a couple of years and REALLY liked it.

However, the MPG in it was rubbish. Only got 23 MPG if you drove it like my mum (i.e. slowly) and if you really pushed to get somewhere quickly, don't expect to get into double figures to the gallon!

Other than that, it was quite fast (although the gearing should've been slightly shorter) and high speed stability on bends was fantastic, stuck to the road like glue. However, if you try and race a little hot hatch round tight and twisty roads you'll get thrashed. The back end is too 'skittish' when in the first couple of gears and if you drive it in the wet, BE CAREFUL. The back slides out quicker than a rattle snake...

26th Aug 2005, 03:39

"The back slides out quicker than a rattle snake..."

I must remember to ring Tanaguchi and tell him that...

2000 Nissan 200SX Touring 2.0 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


More punch per pound than anything on the road



General Comments:

Value for money.

Good performance.

Good level of trim.

High-ish level of road noise from standard Yokos.

A very good motorcar. Unbeatable at the price (if you shop around. Don't believe silly 'list prices').

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Review Date: 17th December, 2000

30th Jul 2001, 13:28

Same car. Now done 7000 miles. Had first service - cost £104-00.That is with using Mobil 1 motor oil. Nothing gone wrong. Some nutter took my bonnet badge replacement cost £18-00. A bit steep for a plastic badge. Very happy with car to date. Watch this space.

31st Aug 2001, 06:21

Superb car in everyway, well maybe a bit tricky in the wet!

Had a slight problem with the alarm going off periodically?

3rd Jul 2003, 13:03

I still own this car done 24000 miles. No trouble at all. A very very good car. If you have one I would advise you not to do any engine or body mods, that's if you don't want to kiss goodbye to any resale value. Still on original Yoko tyres, bags of wear left. The secret is don, t drive like a nutter. I can't fault this car at all.