17th Jan 2001, 06:26


From the blue underwear wearing heiffer.

18th Jan 2001, 03:37

In reply to the first comment of this review, the SX is not an ordinary man's car at all, it is only a little bit slower than the 300ZX and costs far less it, the 300ZX is so heavy that it slows it down by a large amount. The 200SX is a much better buy for a cheaper price and comes with ridiculously amazing performance and enough comfort to keep people happy. So, I recommend the cheaper 200SX rather than a Supra or 300ZX, as the 200 will give both a very good run for their money.

22nd Jan 2001, 09:07

Hi, this is the writer. I appreciate the feedback, do keep the comments flowing.

1) Thanks Ms Blue Underwear Wearing Heiffer, you're brilliant too.

2) As regards the first comment, the Imprezza aside (that's an unadulterated supercar), the 200SX destroys the cars you've mentioned. I know because I've personally beaten each one - last night I beat a BMW 325i off the lights in first gear, slowed down to 15mph, let him go past, and then beat him in second gear as well. I've also eaten RS Turbo's (the stereotypical boy racer car) for breakfst. The 200SX has awesome ability, and the way in which this ability manifests itself - raw power causing explosive suck-you-back into-the-seat acceleration, frisky rear-wheel drive handling - is why the car should be and is categorised as a boy-racer in the guise of an executive coupe.

The 300ZX is an excellent car, and the Supra is just out of this world, but a decent 300ZX costs three times as much as a 200, and is only 0.8 seconds quicker to 60mph, while a decent Supra will cost as least five times as much. Besides, trust me, you want to upgrade incrementally - the average driver will kill himself with 326 bhp of Supra in his inexperienced hands.

22nd Jan 2001, 12:12

Further to the writer's comments, I fully agree with his follow-up notes.

The 300ZX and new (big-winged 165mph monster) Supra ARE quicker cars. Both are 3 litre turbos (Supra has two - but that's just being greedy!) and are just under a second faster to 60 than the 200SX (by virtue of their sheer size/weight, granted). At you venture beyond 60mph, however, they will show their mettle as the much more powerful engines are bound to do. HOWEVER, the writer is correct in saying that the 200SX is not a million miles behind.

The bigger cars are several times more expensive to buy, cost a fortune to run (just compare tyre prices - they can be frightning) and the insurance..... oh, the insurance!

A 200SX, on the other hand, is very, very quick in it's own right. Comments re: Messrs. 325i and RS Turbo are correct. If push comes to shove they won't catch you (and if fans of either car are reading don't say you will - because you won't). Yeah, sure, modify either of them and that would be a different story. Modify a 200SX, travel back in time!

The 200 isn't just quick on the 60mph dash. The mid and top range stuff is equally stunning.

The previous correspondent, who suggested waiting for the bigger cars, is right in having his own opinion and I would be wrong to say different. He may, after all, disagree with my comments - how about commenting back?

However, I must say that the 200 has all the power you could reasonably (and unreasonably) use on a road. Forget top-end. Who's going to do 165mph on a public road? I can't wait for the first person to say 'me'......

I've clocked 150mph in my 200 on an empty dual carriageway (with revs to spare) at 3.00am ONCE. That's quick enough, believe me.

To summarise, unless you either earn absolutely pots of money or don't have a mortgage, the 200SX cannot be beaten for performance per pound.

If you fall into one of the aforementioned categories and can afford to run a 3-litre turbo, why not go further and get a second-hand 911 or and old Ferrari etc.?

At the end of the day, when it comes down to sub-7 second, 140mph+ cars it just comes down to what you can afford.


25th Jan 2001, 18:01

I totally agree. My dad drives a 200SX and has done since 1992! It's on its second engine and 3rd turbo now! Performance is exhilarating. Even the acceleration in 5th at 100mph is impressive. I think it gets a bit twitchy at speed but my dad (34 years driving experience) doesn't notice.

Overall, a cracking car if you can afford to run it!

3rd Feb 2001, 07:08

200SX's are awsome, I bought mine a year ago and it has never let me down. It will beat anything of similar value, 150mph for £3000 is excellent, modifications are plentiful.

Nobody has mentioned a company called Norris Designs (check out their website), they are 200SX specialists and top blokes with tonnes of knowledge on these cars. I took mine there for a Janspeed exhaust and K&N filter fitment, A MUST!!! The induction noise is AMAZING and the mid range pick-up is awesome, bring on the next tuned-up Nova or RS Turbo, they are wasting their time and money, a standard 200SX will wipe the floor with them.

Once again a truely awsome car, next stop a 300ZX... sounds much more the part...

18th Feb 2001, 17:02

I must agree with the last comment, Norris Designs are a must for any 200 SX owner in SouthWest England cos they are very helpful and supply anything you want for the car. The bodykits that they stock are obscene, especially the GTR style spoiler. I'll also say that the 300ZX is a monster of a car and will blow away a 200SX, but I would not want to own one for a number of reasons, one being the cost of having to run it would be stupidly expensive - with a twin turbo 3 litre engine the petrol will be hundreds a month and I imagine that if anything went wrong with it then the cost would be ginormous.

Same with the Supra, the 200SX is a cheaper to run and cheaper to insure car and in my eyes is a much better option cos they are not very well known by many people, but will beat any idiot who wants to race you except for most other proper Japanese sports cars and some modified motors in the UK. But I am happy with my little 200SX and will stick with it for a good few years yet I think.

1st May 2001, 14:35

You can get a 200sx for under £3k and it will without a doubt be the cheapest and fastest car you will ever buy. I would so recommend one, but be careful in the wet and roundabouts and change the oil lots. I have a new model now and its not £5k better than the old one!

9th Jun 2001, 02:12

I have owned a 1990 200sx for 2 years now and find it to be very reliable and have had absolutely no mechanical faults with it (and I drive it hard!).

But one thing you MUST watch out for is rust around the rear spoiler. I suggest you change it for a different type (see Norris Designs), it'll work out cheaper in the long run.