1985 Nissan 200ZR 2.0L turbo from Australia and New Zealand


A very rare Japanese sports car that is worth holding onto!


Originally purchased the car with a blown head gasket for $1000.

And have since blown 3rd gear after running 9.5" rear with sticky tyres.

But other than that, this RB powered menace continues to run and run.

General Comments:

For those of you that have never heard of them, this car was originally only sold to the Japanese domestic market (JDM)

It's a 1984 300ZX that has the complete driveline from a HR31 Skyline GTX from the factory. So REDTOP RB20DET, Skyline 5speed manual box, r200 short nose diff.

It comes stock standard with stiffer springs and a lighter dry weight due to the lack of comfort features and electrics. It's designated a 200ZR-1... they also have 200ZR-2's, which are a 2 seater only version.

They were sold in very limited numbers in Japan, and originally only came into existence as a TAX exempt vehicle, as it was only a 2L motor as opposed to the large VG30ET's that came in stock standard 300ZX's.

Here is a list of what has been done to it since being imported. :)

1985 200ZR.

Full quality respray 5 years ago in Gloss Black with any dented or damaged panel replaced, mudflaps, spoiler, rear wiper, aerial and side trim removed, and holes welded over.

9x17 20+ TE37's with stretched 215s up front.

9.5x17 12+ TE37's with stretched 235's on the rear with 10mm spacers.

Engine/ Driveline:

Late model R32 RB20DET ECCS Silvertop.

C33 Cefiro gearbox.

HR31 Diff (4.3 ratios from original 3.9) with 1.5 way locker.

Daiken heavy duty clutch.

Custom tailshaft.

Custom sump (RB26 is now a direct bolt in).

Large hybrid FMIC.

Custom cooler piping (A+ welds).

GFB boost controller.

R33 t-25 highflow turbo boosting 13 PSI.

3 inch turbo back exhaust.

KYB Street/Race ADJ Suspension.

Bosch 040.


2x Autometer gauges (oil & boost) in place of original volts and boost gauges.

Bluapunkt Splits (front).

Blaupunkt Splits (rear).

Std Adj Recaros.

SAAS steering wheel.

Numerous polished bits.


With old turbo and original NICS Redtop, the car made 235 RWHP and ran 13.6 @ 102mph. Not bad for a boosted stock motor from 1985 ;)

The car has a 1994 Silvertop RB20 with an overhauled ported and polished head.

In its current form, the car's good for mid to high end 12 second passes.


And this is how it currently sits... with new wheels.




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Review Date: 9th October, 2011