1994 Nissan 240SX SE Convertible from North America


Fun to drive and look at, not worth it though


Mechanically this car has been a royal pain. There have been numerous problems in the electrical system, causing switches to burn out regularly. It burns a good bit of oil and three or four quarts need to be added every 2000 miles or so. The joints and bushings have also needed to be replaced twice since getting the car.

The interior carpeted panels are poorly fastened to the door and were fastened with a myriad of staples, making it difficult to reattach. There is a place about a foot in front of the gas pedal which consistently wears out on the carpet (something that I have seen in many 240's).

General Comments:

The car handles like it is on rails and hugs the road; consequently it also has a VERY stiff ride.

In general, the four cylinder engine is not powerful enough to fit its image as a sports car.

The look of this car is great, it looks sporty and is fun to drive.

I bought this car because I wanted a reliable Japanese made car, and this and the Celica were the only ones with tilt steering. (A very important thing when you are 6'4"). That being said, there is plenty of room in the front seats, however the back seat might as well not exist because leg room does not exist.

The seats are not particularly comfortable, and I replaced them with a nicer later model 240.

The two best things about this car are the availability of parts for the car and its gas mileage. I was getting about 33 mpg and so many 240s have been owned and wrecked by young kids that junk yards abound with cars which can be picked apart for parts. Parts for the car are interchangeable between 1988 and 1994.

Overall, this is a fun car to drive, but not worth the hassle of repair or having to keep in off the street if the weather is bad because of its rear wheel drive.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2004

15th Jun 2005, 11:28

You should check out www.nicoclub.com.

All kinds of information on how to fix door panels, and a ton more.