3rd Feb 2005, 08:25

The 89-93 240SX is a great project car, lots of parts now, but i'd recommend getting your hands on the SR20DET motor if you want to have some real fun with it.

13th Jul 2005, 17:37

How could you compare a 944 and 300zx with the 240sx? They are different categories. The 240sx is the affordable lightweight RWD sports car while the 944 (all Porches in general) and 300zx are more luxury oriented and people who have deeper pockets. From a cost per value/performance standpoint, the 240sx is hands down the winner. It is lighter and shares a lot of components with other Nissans. That is why they are very easy to upgrade and can be made to perform even better than the 300zx big brother. Examples include people putting in SR20DET motors, 5 lug rotor swaps, 300zx four piston brake upgrades, limited slip differential from 300zx or J30, etc. In contrast, if you get a 944, you have very limited and expensive upgrades/replacements. 944s/924s parts are unique only to themselves. You cannot say put 911 upgrade parts on them. Even if you can find parts, they cost an arm and a leg because they were made in fewer numbers. During the late 80s to early 90s, no other affordable lightweight RWD sports were offered, so from a used car perspective (in the $1k-$2k range), the 240sx is about the only logical choice. you have.

5th Dec 2005, 18:17

The 240sx is all around a good car. Sure the 300zx is the better one of the family. But with the 240sx, you benefit from weight and gas mileage. The KA24DE is well engineered to last you awhile (200-300k miles). It is true that 240sx parts are interchangeable with 300zx parts making them just as bad as their older brother "Z32". I have a 93 240sx SE, I'm 17 years old, and this is my first car. The results I'm getting from this car is very satisfactory. The handling is better then any other "sport compact". Examples: 93' Acura Integra LS and GSR, 96' Honda Civic Si. The common "imports". The 240sx with stock internals can outrun a stock Civic. If you're going for the street look. 240s are the way to go. Unlike the other cars where you have to get a nice body kit the 240 already has a nice body. Just drop the car an inch then you're all set. Have fun my fellow car enthusiasts. Let's keep it safe.