2002 Nissan 350Z Touring 3.5 V6 Gasoline from North America


An attractive, fast sports car


The front tires were feathering/cupping at 6,000 miles. The dealer replaced them at no charge and re-aligned all four wheels. At 11,000 miles, it appears that the front tires are feathering/cupping again. I am not the only 2003 350Z owner experiencing this problem.

General Comments:

This car is a joy to drive. It is fast and fun. I hope Nissan finds a fix soon for the front tire wear problems.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2004

10th Feb 2004, 22:43

I have owned 350Z since October 2002. I would say it is good value for the money. In the sense that to give performance to the car, they have definitely compromised on quality of their products.

I say this because I hear things rattling like door seals, took it to dealer three times. After making the tech guy hear it, they write back cannot duplicate the problem so can't fix it. I guess they like to charge Nissan for labor and then on fourth trip fix it.

The major problem so far with my car is with front tires. They have exceptionally loud noise. This does not give a good feeling while driving. Power can only make you happy so much, after beating all the normal cars, the noise levels ruins my good feeling in that car.

I'm not happy with the placement of speakers in the car. Nissan could have spent more time and money on better speakers and better location.

I hope luck to anyone in future. I also hope Nissan don't forget after sales service to keep their clients loyal.