2008 Nissan 350Z Base 3.5L V6 from North America




Nothing at all. Have to be careful because the black "rubber" material that is used on the door panel is subject to scratches (I always look at pre-owned vehicles to identify wear and tear spots before I buy one for myself).

General Comments:

I previously drove a 2003 Ford Mustang GT with the 4.6L 260HP V-8. The car was certainly fast at the time with estimated 0-60 runs around 5.4 seconds. I always enjoyed the low end grunt of the old single cam V-8, so it took me some time to become accustomed to the revvy nature of the dual intake, high output 3.5L V-6.

I think both cars were equally fast with an edge to the 350Z for having 306 HP, shorter wheel base, two seat sports car.

The Z is a blast to drive, and it finally seems that the 2007-2008 cars have addressed all of their reliability shortcomings of previous years. I am slightly over 12k and have had no problems whatsoever.

Drivers be warned that there is absolutely no cargo space, but considering you don't buy a car like this for that reason, I give what space it has as a 2 seater about an 8 on a scale from 1 to 10.

The handling and steering is amazing, taking whatever I throw at it. Some report that the V-6 becomes a bit harsh as you close in on 7,000 RPM, but I haven't experienced this at all. The short throw 6 speed is incredibly easy to row, and snicks into each gear with great precision.

I highly recommend this car to anyone shopping for a now used 350Z, since the introduction of the new 370. 2007-2008 cars feature the VQ35VHR motor, which gets noticeably more power with about 70% new parts versus the 2003-2006 motor.

Xenon HID headlights and 18" rims on the base car are my favorite features, as well as, gorgeous San Marino Blue.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 11th June, 2010