12th May 2005, 12:33

I like the Acura TL very much. I've driven in two of them, and they are just utterly enjoyable on handling and ease, comfort, and most importantly, LUXURY!...But, the man above is right, the acura TL is in a whole different class, and maybe something is just wrong with your 350z. I had a Pontiac GTP before I got my Z and we also have an RX8 in our family, and the Z by far out accelerates both cars. BTW the GTP was the Daytona edition that had 245hp. Not 287, and not 198hp, of the RX8 manual, but none the less to prove the power of the other two cars. I truly believe that the Nissan 350z is in a total class of its own.

1st Sep 2005, 04:01

I love the z, but for a sports car it does need some work to motor. A sports car should throw you back in your seat and it just did not do it. The key to fixing this problem for me was every nismo part my dealer had plus a procharger. At four hundred plus wheel horsepower and the bank account empty it is now a sports car. Love the car and its heritage of sports cars.


22nd Oct 2005, 22:42

The TL is a FWD Accord rebadge with a better engine. It has a great interior, but other than that it's only slightly better than the average car including its performance numbers. But the 350z is RWD, which makes it a superior vehicle. The 350z should be faster than the TL, if it's not, then you or your car has serious problems.

12th Aug 2009, 13:20

As for your statements about the radio not being what this car needs, I think you've missed the point of this beast. That V6 was designed to be heard, not drowned out by the noise of some radio DJ or cd. I myself do like to have my music LOUD, but after having owned this car, the engine is just so much better.

On the point of the Z vs. the TL, I can't argue. The TL is a beast for its size. However remember the Z is very heavy, and the limiter does hamper the power slightly. Remove this limiter and it becomes a whole new ball game.

12th Aug 2009, 14:54

Oh and to add, although Nissan quote a bhp figure of around 280bhp, having put this car on a number of DYNO's, the power on the back wheels is around 230 bhp. and 220 lbs/ft. which means a loss of nearly 20% on the drivetrain. This explains why so many people work these cars with custom turbo's and induction kits.