2009 Nissan 370Z Touring/Sport Pkg 3.7L V6 from North America




The only quality issue with the car is that the satellite radio antenna rattles against the metal on the roof, causing a high frequency vibration/rattling noise. Took it to the dealership twice for fixing. The dealership first performed a really poor job of stuffing packing insulation in the headliner. This did not correct the rattle, and left an odd bulge. The dealership also saw it fit to drive the car 50 miles for an issue that can be observed before you get out of the parking lot. I was furious.

The second attempt to fix it also failed. I believe the dealership is trying to milk the warranty reimbursement from the manufacturer. My complaints are with the dealership, not necessarily an easy fix to an obvious 1st generation model issue - this is really very minor.

Otherwise the car is absolutely fantastic!

General Comments:

Well I owned the 2008 350Z (think there's just 1 comment on CarSurvey...that's my old Z). I loved the 350Z, but the 370Z is virtually an improvement in every single area except for visibility. You can't see anything outside the car, especially from the rear. I suppose that's a trade off for gorgeous design in my opinion anyway.

The handling far exceeds the 350Z, and the acceleration is no comparison out of the 3.7L V-6. The engine does get a bit harsh at the highest allowed RPM's, and I don't care for the automatic transmission, but I am biased (auto is a wife compromise). The auto tends to jump to gears much lower than I really care to utilize, but the easy fix is simply opt for the manual!

The interior shortcomings have been improved, as the 370Z ergonomics and interior are high quality and very pleasant. I do prefer the 350Z cloth seat as opposed to the leather/suede insert of the 370Z. At the end of the day, I'll take the 370Z hands down. I highly recommend this car if you have the means to acquire one!

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Review Date: 13th November, 2011

26th Apr 2013, 18:43

Update -

I am selling my 370Z. It's been a relatively good car and my previous review should illustrate it as such. However, it is 2013 and the sports car world is looking more and more enthusiastic. The 370Z, for all its steering and braking accolades, is a bit harsh with regard to ride comfort, road noise, automatic transmission response, and the engine is coarse. I am very interested to see if Nissan will take the 2015 Z back to its inline 6 cylinder, lightweight (smaller) body roots.

I just drove a Subaru BRZ, and while not deadly in the straight line 0-60, it's breathtaking with regard to utter handling. It's a true sports car sans the neck snapping acceleration, which is mostly what the Z can offer. Sports cars have to give you that giddy, childlike smile on your face - my old 350Z did this better for me.