28th Mar 2007, 11:07

I have a 2003 Altima 3.5SE.

At approx 160,000km I had to replace a non-responsive ECM (Electronic Control Module). From what I have been told, this is not a common issue on 3.5 liters, but more common on 2.5 Litres.

I was out of warranty (8 years/ 130,000km) and it cost me $1000+ to fix. After going back and forth, Nissan would still not come to a compromise on this matter.

20th Dec 2007, 13:59

I own a 2003 Altima. I now have check engine codes 507 and 420. I visited the local Nissan dealer and was told the parts to fix it are $500 each. This must be a common problem; they knew exactly what I was talking about. But there are no recalls for this.

My next car will be a Toyota.

1st May 2008, 22:03

I have a 2003 Nissan Altima. My service engine light came on at 50,000 miles. It was having issues idling and struggling when accelerating. (I completed all of recalls) I failed emissions. Accordind to Nissan dealership, the computer needed to be re-programmed. ($500) I wrote a letter to Nissan stating that the computer is a non-maintainable part of my car and had already been re-programmed once before for a recall. The Rep called me back and said it was a customer pay situation and that the dealership denied re-programming the car. (the bill said "re-learn" and I did not have in front of me to argue) In the meantime, my radiator seal broke and I needed to replace the whole radiator ($460+-). While recounting this to another non involved mechanic, he said he just replaced a radiator in a 2003 Altima because the seal broke. Hmmmm... I think my next car will be a Toyota, too...

27th Mar 2009, 18:03

I own a 2003 Altima, the car has 65,000 miles and from when I bought the car, it has displayed a varity of problems. It stalls, the head gasket has blown twice with no explanation, and the cam and crank shaft sensor had to be changed.

Now after the second head job, the computer sends fire to the coils and then stops and cuts off. After reading the posts on this site, I think it's the ECM. So now I have to fly from the Bahamas to get it programmed.