12th Mar 2007, 10:51

I have always been Nissan fan. I have had like 2 Nissan Maximas and they have been amazing to me. So when I wanted a new Maxima this Altima 3.5 hit my eye. I bought one and I do not regret it even in my dreams. Nissan has come a long way. Good for me.

11th Apr 2007, 00:50

The Nissan Altima is indeed a great car besides from its very eye catching shape and lines the engines performs is superb. The integration of the Nissan cornering lights to its headlight give the face of the car a tougher and contemporary design. While the lines on the fenders and the Nissan doors together with the Design of the door handles gives the car an elegant look at the sides.

When it comes to performance, the car is superb, thanks to the QR25DE engine with 2.5 Liter DOHC 16 Valve 4 Cylinder that delivers 175hp that carries the car with ease.

It's really a great car, based from my experience in driving different cars of its class, I can say that this car is indeed a performer.

9th May 2007, 07:49

We have had our '07 Altima for 3 months and love the styling and features and almost everything about it. Our biggest complaint would be the front passenger seat. The cloth seats are initially comfortable but the lack of lumbar support and low profile with minimal thigh support becomes very uncomfortable on rides longer than 30 minutes. The 8 way adjustable drivers seat can compensate for this. Also, if you upgrade, the leather seat package seems to improve on this, but I haven't been able to put it to the road test. Two minor complaints are the horn and the wheel mounted cruise & radio controls. The horn is simply too hard to press for a friendly beep. The radio & cruise controls are slightly raised and can result in station change while steering. My fear is that the cruise "resume" becomes engaged in the same manner. The steering is crisp in city driving but does feel a little light on the highway.

15th Jun 2007, 13:39

I recently bought a 2007 Altima SE with the 3.5. The purchase of this car is significant to me because after 20 years plus of driving and 3 new cars, this is my first import. Let me just say that after 5 years and 95,000 of driving around in an Explorer, I one again love driving thanks to the Altima! There is not one thing about this car that I don't love. From the exterior chrome (?) finishes, to the push button start, to the CVT transmission, everything in this car fascinates me. I am little concerned about these cars proliferating everywhere you go. Other than that, I can find nothing wrong with this particular car.

4th Jul 2007, 17:13

You should not be concerned if the steering does not appear to tighten during high speeds. Most of the time when you drive fast, you are probably driving in a straight line, thus not requiring you to turn the wheel very much. Plus, the steering only tightens slightly. It doesn't turn into a non power steering car of the 70's. To prove it, switch lanes at a low speed, then again at about 55 (or faster LOL). Enjoy your Altima as much as I am!

24th Nov 2007, 23:25

Just bought mine two days ago! I am absolutely in love with this car. Bought at Advantage Nissan in Bremerton, Wa. Dan was the salesperson and I got a GREAT deal. You must drive one of the to appreciate.

2nd May 2009, 20:12

I just bought Altima 2007. Prior to that I was driving Ford Focus 2001. This Altima feels so luxury to me. It's not even close to the Focus plastic and interior. I feel like I am driving Lexus. The power is excellent. More than I expected.

I had problem with the inside passenger door handler. Surprisingly it was covered under the Nissan warranty and was replaced at no charge.

22nd Mar 2017, 22:08

Excellent car. I have 260k. Changed the transmission oil at 175k, after I found a sound of whining from the transmission, during acceleration. The whining sounds disappeared. The transmission works great.

Absolutely no complaints.