21st Nov 2010, 10:59

"Why is it that Honda dealers are so arrogant?"

Why is it that people have this misconception? The Honda's I've bought were from a great dealer who treated me with respect, and gave me a better deal then any domestic deal I have ever gone for.

In my experience, domestic dealers are the arrogant ones. The last Ford dealer I was at was outright rude about making a deal. The salesman asked me to tell him what I wanted for my car. I asked him to give me his best deal. He refused, thinking I was shopping around. What was the point in trying to work a deal if I wasn't getting their best price upfront? The Honda dealer had a deal within two minutes, and I was sold.

If you are unhappy with a certain dealer, try another dealer.

25th Nov 2010, 13:06

To the person above me:

Dealers have one chance to make a good impression on me. I think most people are also this way. If a Honda dealer is rude to me, what are the chances I decide to say "Hmm, I'm gonna go try another Honda dealer"? Unless I have my heart set on a Honda, they probably just lost my business.

26th Nov 2010, 11:31

"If you are unhappy with a certain dealer, try another dealer."

Very true. When I bought my last new Mustang, I wasted an entire day haggling with rude and uncooperative sales people at a local Ford dealership. We finally arrived at a price, I signed the buyer's order and then was informed that the manager had "changed his mind". I drove to another Ford dealer the following week, said "Appraise my trade-in and call me at my office if you can meet my required price". The salesman called later to tell me my new Mustang was ready to pick up. Needless to say, the dealership that wasted a day of my life will never see my face again. I don't have time to waste with jerks.