1984 Nissan Bluebird GX 2.0 L20B unleaded petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great first car, indestructible engine, great economy considering the carb


Rear and front shockers leaking and soft.

Rear muffler and exhaust pipes replaced, multiple times.

Replaced thermo fan switch.

Radiator leaking (welded).

Air conditioner condenser fan.

Exhaust manifold replaced.

Brake master cylinder leaking (replaced).

Electric choke replaced with manual choke.

General Comments:

It is a great first car.

The engine is (like all Datto's) indestructible. Everything else is failing (for nearly 30 years old). It's doing well, but the engine keeps running!

The list of faults is large, but as I have had the car for 10 years, doing a large number of km's, it is a small list.

It's starting to lose the power it once had, but is still able to pass trucks when I need to.

Upgrading soon, due to having money!

I'll never forget this car though.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2011

1984 Nissan Bluebird TRX Series 3 L20B SOHC from Australia and New Zealand


Nice little racer


Fly wheel for the alternator needed replacing and the fan belt.

New springs.

And a new timing belt.

General Comments:

The seats are so comfortable you seem to seat so nicely in them that when you corner you don't move at all.

It has a lot of go for a old car and I am happy to say I got it of a old lady so it hasn't had a good flogging yet, but I am waiting till I mod a couple of things first.

And also can someone give first hand directions on the best parts to change and mod cheers!!

P.s is there a body kit and where do I get one if not what do I do to the exterior of this car to make it look hot cheers again!!

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2005

12th Nov 2006, 11:22

It doesn't have a timing belt, they have a timing chain.

1984 Nissan Bluebird GL 2.0 4 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Never get one. gutless as!


Rear muffler needed replacing.

Gearbox seal needed replacing.

Rear brake light housing needed replacing as it was broken due to fused screw.

Exhaust manifold gasket dodgy, all bluebirds are like this.

Crunches into reverse.

Rust needed fixing on rear door.

General Comments:

While its been a okayish first car for my P's, I really hate my bluebird.

Of all my mates, only one has a car that is as gutless as my bluebird and that is a 1.3 totally thrashed Corolla.

The wagon bit is cool for parties and just general stuff.

Doesn't go sideways at all unless in wet.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2004

1984 Nissan Bluebird GX 2.0 Litre carb from Australia and New Zealand


Great first car


Starter motor failed.

Gearbox overflow pipe started depositing oil into engine.

Rocker cover gasket wears out quickly.

Other than that nothing else.

General Comments:

Handles great, but not in the rain like most rear wheel drive cars made before 1990.

Goes great

Very reliable hasn't overheated since I've had it.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2004

1984 Nissan Bluebird GX 2.0 Carburettor from Australia and New Zealand


She's a rocket!


I bought the car in September 2001. The previous owner was the original buyer of the great car. I bought it from him in New South Wales for $1500. He just wanted to get rid of it because his eye sight was no good. It had been sheltered for about 6 months. So I got it on a truck and sent it home.

Now it's the 23rd of July 2003 and I still have it. I've spent approximately $3000 on it only because I wanted to. I love the look of it. However when I took it for a drive, first thing I noticed was how much smoke blew out the back. The shock absorbers were in definite need of replacing. Over the years, I've slowly done it up.

Only the things that has been let down on it. It used to get very hot sitting it traffic. I got the original radiator cleaned out, new hoses and housings. You name it. I had a mobile mechanic come out and replace the inlet and exhaust manifold. Finally had to replace the starter motor. The alternator is the original, however had to replace the bearings in it a year ago. New radiator fan, new fuel hoses etc. Electric fuel pump is original.

The interior is very immaculate, however I took off the plastic trim along the door pillars because they were peeling and breaking from the sun I imagine. Can anyone tell me if that's normal in the Bluebird range?

A year ago now I put on new rotors and pads, which cost me a total of $300 all up. Being in the trade then was handy. Also 6 months ago just put on a brand new brake master cylinder, which cost me $175 (trade) $480 retail OUCH!

I would like to make the rims look original as well. I've just got hub caps on it at the moment. Where can I get the center caps from? The chrome rings and well I'd have to paint the actual rim as well.

The driver's seat is a little worn, however the passenger feels like a racing car bucket seat!

I had a fellow in a white Audi a while ago back into the side of it on the driver side door, which shed me to tears! I replaced the bumper bar few months ago, which surprisingly bought from Nissan in Blackburn for $150. I got that re-sprayed. Came up OK though. And yes both my bumper bars are full attached, not like some Bluebird's out there, which are missing the side bits.

I'd say it's a comfortable car to drive. Have driven it to Perth once and yes it made it and back. Though the first drive I took it for when I bought it it wouldn't even do one hundred kilometers per hour. I think the old fellow who I bought it off must have only drove it to Cole's and church every week!

She going very well now. Last repair was a brand new carburetor. Goes much better again. I fill her up with Premium Unleaded from Mobil. Anything else like that lead replacement stuff or normal unleaded, she'll let you know she doesn't like it.

Little things I find are small squeaks here and there, but for her 20th birthday in September 2003 she's doing well.

My next project is finding someone who can fit new rings to the engine. Does anyone know who would be really interested and keen in doing something like this to such an old car?

General Comments:

Like any other carburettor car, once she has warmed up, she goes like a rocket! The only thing is the temperature gauge doesn't work and the speedometer is 10 kilometers under. Oh well, one day I'll fix it.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2003

20th Jan 2004, 06:31

Just a quick note on your overheating problem in traffic, it's most likely the electric fan thermostat switching on. Late Bluebirds are renowned for this problem. It's located screwed into the bottom left hand side of the radiator.

Best regards.