1984 Nissan EXA N12 1.5 turbo Unleaded from Australia and New Zealand


EXA Styles


Starter motor brushes needed replacing at 185000 Kilometers.

Back dash had corroded.

Gear box broken (fails to shift into fifth gear) at 190000 Kilometers.

General Comments:

It's a cute little car.

It could be a bit lower.

Have got it up to 150 Kilometers, but it was rattling like the earth had split in half.

The N12 has good pickup.

I Like N12s so much I'm going to buy a good one and do it up eg. Kit, Paint etc.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2004

1984 Nissan EXA pulsar 1.5 turbo from Australia and New Zealand


A triple threat: Great looks, high performance, low cost to buy and run


I had problems with the pressure in the engine, however the cause was a split in the rubber connector seal.

The water doesn't squirt on to the windscreen.

The rear dimister switch became loose and didn't work.

(The head gasket, factory turbo and spark plugs had been replaced before I bought it.)

General Comments:

The car is very quick, mine has a T25 hi-flow ball-bearing turbo and Supra inter-cooler, 3 inch exhaust pipe with 4 inch tip, these make the car even more faster.

I got the car up to 160k, but had to slow down for a corner, but I find it annoying that you can get to 60 at the start of 2nd gear.

There is plenty of room in the front, but the back can get a bit crowded especially behind the driver.

I like the car because it's different and there aren't very many around.

I paid $3500 for it and some people pay thousands more for a car that won't be as quick or individual.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2004

8th Sep 2005, 18:53

Hehe I paid $600 for mine :)

5th Oct 2005, 00:10

Ha ha I paid 400 for mine and mine has a t25 ball bearing turbo and stainless exhaust.

1984 Nissan EXA N12 FUEL INJECTED 1.5 (NON-turbo) from Australia and New Zealand


Stylish and quick, what all sports cars want to be


The head gasket went as I drove it home from the dealers. (i got it from a wreckers). They gave me a 3 month warranty, so no worries.

Head went again, 4 months later. Took it back to them and they fixed it for $400 & gave me a new warranty.

Spark plugs deteriorated badly at about 198000km.

Head went AGAIN soon after! Fixed it myself this time and made sure there wasn't any warping.

New spark plugs went and took them to Coventry's. They replaced them with the proper ones that run cooler.

CV boot went, I replaced it myself for about $50.

General Comments:

The car has never given me any major hassles. The guys that I bought it from just did a s@#*^y job in the first place.

They probably put in hotter plugs too, to burn off any oil. Now that I have the correct parts and did all the work myself, the car has been running great.

The car also looks great in silver with black trim, and has really quick pick up, even for the non-turbo model.

On that point, was a non-turbo Nissan n12 EXA ever released? Or is it more likely that someone has taken the turbo off? (the car is an import)

If you know contact me @ cdisk08@hotmail.com.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2002

4th Oct 2004, 18:49

I've got a turbo N12 Nissan EXA, but I live in Townsville and just spent seventeen thousand on the motor, because a mechanic blew it up on me, and then he didn't want to know me.

I've got a 4 inch chrome tip with a 3 inch straight through muffler, a 3 inch dump pipe and a T25 Schwitzer turbo with T28 internals, VL stage 2 race intercooler, custom made, and a 2 and a half inch stainless steel intercooler pipe, custom made.

FJ20 injecters, VL turbo throttle body, MSD 6AL ignition, Blaster coil 2, flowed head 250hp, ported polished and matched manifolds, exhaust and intake, stage 2 race cam from Nizpro, 20 thou oversized Hypertec pistons, and to top it off, I got a Wolf3D version 4 EMS. And I need a good mechanic to tune it for me.