1990 Nissan EXA CA18DE from Australia and New Zealand


Despite such major problems and the cost to fix them, I love this car


Coil packs went. Spark plugs were done at same time.

Oil leak from rear crankshaft. Radiator was 40% blocked. Had both problems fixed at the same time.

High beams sometimes stick on. Not sure why though.

Blew motor at 240000km as a result of the afore mentioned oil leak. Spent over 2k to replace.

Massive oil leak from sump in replacement engine which was fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

Great performance from a 1.8 from the late 80's. Handling is absolutely awesome. Especially since I put some new rims with decent tires and DBA slotted brake rotors on the front.

Pity Nissan didn't release the EXA with a turbo engine in australia. Would have been a so much better car then.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2006

1990 Nissan EXA Solaire 1.8L from Australia and New Zealand


Great performance, rad 80's styling, economical, engine reliability has let it down though


Radiator needed replacing, and I changed the thermostat myself. Both the starter motor and alternator have been repaired since 240 000 kms. Engine also leaks a fair amount of oil.

General Comments:

The 1.8L cast iron block and alloy head really loves to rev, but lacks some serious low down torque. But when you open it up the power output is easily enough the get the wheels spinning while changing into second.

Thankfully Exa's are fuel miser's, I get about 540 kms from a 45L tank.

Handling is great, turning circle is tiny, although I hate FWDs.

Don't expect to carry more than 1 passenger though, as the 2 back seats look really uncomfortable, with zero legroom.

I've been unlucky with my CA18DE, its had quite a few major things go wrong with it, I'm waiting to get it looked at with possible head damage.

Exa's are great if you get a mint one with less than 200 000 kms, otherwise be prepared to throw a bit of money at it.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2005