2004 Nissan Frontier LE 4 cylinder from North America




Original tires were bad.

Rear differential leaked in first week.

Both power windows malfunctioned.

Had to replace all belts at 75,000 miles.

General Comments:

I bought the Frontier instead of a Toyota Tacoma to save money. I thought it would be comparable. It has been a disappointment. Not finished well. Gas mileage is awful and way worse than Chevy S-10. Nice looking though. Dealer could never get vibration out of car at about 70 MPH. Stopped when I bought Michelin tires. Both power windows work poorly, and although replaced under warranty, the new ones work poorly too. Not any power. But does feel reliable. Not the quality I was expecting. Bed liner rattles and is annoying. Manual transmission is smooth.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2007

7th Jan 2008, 11:08

I have been working as a mechanic for a Nissan dealership for almost 25 years. Nissan Frontier (any year) is the best truck on the market. Currently, Iam the owner of 1995 Fronty (4 Cylinder) and its by far the best truck than my previous 2005 Chevy Silverado, 2006 Ford F150, 2002 Ram 1500 etc. I know what Iam talking about. I traded my Chevy for 1995 Frontier straight up and I am REALLY happy that I ve done so. I am still paying for this truck, but I am lucky that I didn't have to put any money down. I towed about 14-15 K LbS on this baby and It showed itself great.

I had only minor issues with my baby-truck. I blew my engine at 277000 miles. This was my fault though. I was having a diarea and I was floring my baby to get home and let my demon out on my lovely toilet. So engine blew, I didn't make it home and I dumped inside the truck. That's the second issue. My Fronty still smells like DOODOO. Oh well. I might take it to the car wash and get it detailed some day. Right now as Iam writing this message I am thinking about installing the NOS on my truck. In my opinion, it'll increase the speed and torque.

With love from Alaska.

2004 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner XE-V6 3.3L V6 from North America


Haven't had anything go wrong this truck. I've had it almost four years.

General Comments:

I don't have any problems driving this truck. I enjoy driving it. The automatic is nice, it's my first automatic vehicle. It's peppy enough for me, maybe not for others--but then it's a truck--not a race car.

When you turn the headlights on, the numbers on the speedometer gauge light up. This is fine when it's dark, but at twilight the numbers are very hard to read because the background shows up gray at twilight.

It would be nice if the seats were more comfortable, but they're okay.

I like how the Desert Runner has the heavy-duty chassis and ride height of the Frontier 4X4. I can take it places off road, because of the high clearance, but when the road requires four wheel drive I have to turn around. Still, I've had a lot of fun with it. Would like my next vehicle to be a 4WD.

A lot of night drivers think the low beam headlights are on high beam and I get hi-beamed a lot. The same thing happens to a 2004 Xterra driver I know. Maybe the height?

Gas mileage isn't great. I average 21 mpg on the highway, but that's real careful driving, some of it below the speed limit when I can, safely.

It really is a sharp looking truck! Mine is solar yellow. Front bumper is yellow too. I'm disappointed that newer Frontiers don't come in this color any more.

Need to be careful of that enormous, plastic bumper on front. I did some minor damage to mine a few days after I got it and bought a bumper guard (not a grille guard) to protect it. What happened to chrome? More expensive I guess. It would sure be nicer to clean all those bugs off a chrome bumper than a plastic one painted a light color that shows every bug.

The locking tailgate is nice. I have a tonneau cover on my Frontier and I do lock the tailgate when I need to.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2007