1991 Nissan Hardbody Pickup Kingcab 2.4 from North America


A cheap and reliable hauling cruise machine


The transmission grinds into reverse. The transmission was rebuilt right before I bought it. I changed the slave cylinder, but it still grinds. Hopefully when the clutch wears out and I change it, the grinding will go away.

Steering wheel grip has become rather loose, which I don't even notice anymore.

General Comments:

This truck doesn't have a lot of power, obviously because it's a 4 cylinder, but I don't care, because of the great gas mileage.

I'm fairly tall, so the King cab helps as I keep the seats all the way back.

A couple of options could help out this truck a little, such as tilt steering, and maybe even air conditioning. A rear slider or sunroof would be great, but the two rear windows popped out creates a nice breeze.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2003

28th Sep 2010, 13:37

Mine did the same thing. It would constantly grind. I kept on driving and then it gave out. It turns out my bell housing was loose and my starter was too. The starter had worn out, so I replaced it and I got all new bolts for the bell housing and starter put it in all nice and tight. It drove perfectly.

1991 Nissan Hardbody Pickup Hustler 2.4 12valve full injection 4plug from North America


Cheap strong and fun to drive little pick up


The differential broke because it was welded locked. I found that those differentials are very rare and hard to find, but I managed to find one for cheap.

The transmission in making whistle noise in second and third gear and is a bit hard to shift, but it is full of oil (The truck was driven really really hard by the previous owner).

The high beams don't work because of corroded wires.

General Comments:

I found that even if the transmission in a bit tired I still works great.

The engine never refused to start even at -52 Celsius and is pretty strong for a 4cylinder.

This is a great little truck and very fun to drive too.

The exterior appearance looks great and the inside is very comfortable considering I am a 6' 285lbs man.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2003

1991 Nissan Hardbody Pickup standard cab xe 4 cylinder from North America


I never had any major problem with this truck other than normal wear and tear service.

This truck still runs incredibly strong with almost 200k miles on the original engine and transmission.

I replaced the clutch when it hit 130,000 miles.

I installed a high performance clutch.

I recently installed a 3inch lift kit with 31 inch off road tires.

I paid a visit to my local 1-day paint and body shop and now the truck actually looks better than when it was brand new.

General Comments:

This truck is very reliable.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2002

1991 Nissan Hardbody Pickup King Cab 2.4 from North America


Very Reliable


Alternator at 230000 kms.

Universal joints at 310000 kms.

Regular maintenance : brakes, tires oil at regular interval.

Slight noise in fifth gear when loaded.

General Comments:

This is my third Nissan truck, the other two were retired with 365000 kms (1985 model) and 386000 kms (1987 model).

Truck is used as a work truck, and therefore bodily abused regularly. Stands up to the task.

Load capacity is not that great.

Outstanding service life.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2002

1991 Nissan Hardbody Pickup from North America


A great investment for long term


The clutch has been replaced once.

The air conditioning motor and fan have burned out and need replacing (for the first time).

The chain that attaches the spare under the vehicle drags.

The truck is very light and you must drive carefully if you do not put weight in the back. My brother was driving in the rain once and his back end spun completely around causing him to face the wrong way on a busy street. Luckily it was late and very little traffic.

General Comments:

This truck has been very reliable. My brother has driven it for approximately 8 years and now I will be driving it. I am very happy to have such a reliable vehicle that I feel I can depend on.

I know a man who owns the 1989 model and it still runs well. They use it on a working cattle ranch. The kids have broken the windows and the doors no longer shut, but the air conditioning works and it still runs great.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2002