25th May 2009, 07:10

I own a 1991 Nissan Navara Pickup that is fitted with the Z24 engine + A/C and Auto Trans.

It's great, the car currently has 550,000 Kilometres on it and is still going strong!

There is no rust at all in the body (The tray is another matter entirely!) and the engine does not use blow smoke or use more than the ordinary amount of oil for any engine between oil changes.

The oil is changed every 5000Klm and only a high quality semi-synthetic oil is used.

Recent work done was a new thermostat and I replaced the plastic fan as one blade had stress cracks at its base.

The ute will cruise all day at 100KMh (60mph) and starts first time, every time in the cold mornings by tapping once on the throttle to set the auto choke then cranking it over.

It's a great car and I can't see myself parting ways with it for a very long time.

Jeff in Australia.

28th Jul 2009, 10:56

I have an original 86 1/2 D21 pickup. Needed a head gasket so replaced the head, valves and gasket last year. Clutch was replaced at 120k miles and is due again probably next spring. The trip meter quit working about 1 1/2 years ago with about 270k miles showing so I estimate the truck has around 300k miles at this point. Other than general maintenance and wearout repairs like brakes, tires, etc and it needs new injector seals now. This truck keeps on going and going and going... the best, most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It is not the most comfortable as someone else mentioned, but this is the vehicle that the military should have considered instead of the HUMMER.

9th Nov 2009, 00:56

I have a 91 hard body with 618,xxxkms on it.

I have the valve train noise as well, but it's common in KA24Es, noisy lifters and timing chain slap. I do my regular maintenance on it and the only thing that has really gone wrong is the drive shaft U joint going to the transmission sheared, so I got another one. Suspension is all blown, the dirt holds the oil inside the motor so I don't clean the engine bay and I baby it. This truck was bought for 1000 bucks, and was a Nissan parts truck when it started life. I've had it for just shy of 100,000kms and take it on long road trips on a regular basis 2 years ago from the Lower Mainland BC to Olympia WA. Keep up the basic maintenance and it'll last forever.

23rd Jan 2010, 00:33

Bought my 91 D21 for 850.00 from a contractor that used it for hauling a bobcat little bulldozer. I cringed when I saw the trailer in the yard - and the taglight shifted over on the bumper.

Also the extra welding on the back frame, but I was desperate for wheels by then - it's like a 5spd sports car that gets me and my tools around for a couple years now. Would buy another in a heartbeat.

27th Mar 2010, 07:47

94 D21 bolt fell from timing chain area, slapped case but still runs. 130k on it, would not trade it.

Big problem, no rust on body, but frame rusted in half, in two places. I really love this truck, but if you have one, check your frame. Do regular oil change and timing change will be OK, if you hear a clicking noise in front of motor, timing chain deal. Costs a grand to replace.

22nd Jul 2010, 05:12

I purchased my 1991 D21 back in 2002 with 53k miles. It now has 102k miles. Other than needing a new muffler, a battery failing a couple times, an A/C that works now and then, and the paint fading at the hood and roof, it has been a reliable, dependable, hard working truck. Keeping up with the maintenance is what it's all about. You take of it, and it will take care of you!

1st Aug 2013, 15:40

I have two....

A 1996 extra cab 4 cylinder 4x4 manual 120k. A/C still works.

1991 regular cab 4 cylinder 4x4 manual 170k. A/C works as well.

Both have the KA24. Never would sell them. Don't think I'll ever need to buy another car in 20 years...

Too bad there is a serious Toyota fixation going on. These Nissans are just as good.