2001 Nissan Laurel Altima 2.5 S 2.5 from North America


I will never own another Nissan


Brakes had to be replaced at under 36,000 miles.

Automatic window switch does not work for passenger side window and this started intermittently in the first year of use.

This car hesitates to go into gear sometimes in the morning. the dealer said nothing is wrong with it.

The horn now becomes stuck and I have to punch it to make it stop blowing.

It has been recalled for various reasons at least 3 times.

It is not very good on gas in the city.

General Comments:

This car looks good, but did not live up to the reliability standards that I feel it should. This was an over $21,000 car and I would have been better off buying the Honda that I was supposed to get.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2004

15th May 2015, 22:51

Hi all. I need the model or part number of the automatic transmission for the RB24s engine or optional transmission. Please help.

1993 Nissan Laurel Altima GTS-R 2.4 inline six from Caribbean


The last of the double-carburetor sedans


After 3 years: Tie rod ends need replacement.

Brake pads have been replaced once.

Engine stalls with the air conditioning on in a turn, while using the power steering.

General Comments:

A very comfortable and stable car.

It stands rock hard on its suspension, although my shock-absorbers are starting to wear down from all the racing I do with it.

Acceleration is outstanding. I have left many people in awe of this rear-wheel drive automatic burning rubber!

The air conditioning is also excellent, very cool and no troubles for the past 3 years.

For a double carburetor, 2.4 liter in-line-6, 6 to 6.5 km/l is not bad. I thought this was horrible until I drove my dad's new KIA Optima 4 cylinder engine with only slightly better economy.

The only complaint I have is the lack of Internet sites about this specific model. It has a double carburetor, 2.4 liter in-line-6 engine (RB24-S). I presume a down rated Skyline engine.

Therefore I have this question to anyone who might be reading this. Is there anyone with this same model or Cefiro or the 2.0 liter variant, who knows about websites about modifying these type of cars?

P.s. If anyone would like a photo of this model or it's engine... xkoote@hotmail.com

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Review Date: 30th September, 2001

5th Feb 2002, 12:13

I think you should add more information about this car, it is a great and wonderful car with a super engine. Please take note that it's not a very commercial car and there are not many cars of this type. Please add how many horse power the car has and in how many seconds does it take do 60 mph.

1990 Nissan Laurel Altima GTS 2.4 from Chile




Battery changed @ 96000 km.

Distribution belt changed @ 96000 km.

General Comments:

Great car, but it has a very high fuel consumption (about 6 km per litre).

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Review Date: 7th September, 2000

16th Dec 2000, 06:29

I have a 1991 Nissan Laurel Altima 2.0 liter manual transmission at 130K km. It is very comfortable car, but the engine is noisy and spare parts are very expensive.

6th May 2001, 01:54

I have the same car (ha31) Transmission (auto) -Fourth gear failed.

18th Jun 2001, 01:22

I have Nissan Laurel Altima 2.0 SGL, it has a noisy engine but you feel the power inside of your body. Engine is roaring like a lion. It has so much fuel consumption but try to show its carburetor to an expert so that it will decrease the consumption of fuel.

30th Sep 2001, 09:34

I have a Nissan Laurel Altima 2.4 GTS-R and I get between 6 to 6.5 km/l. I like SO much. You can't find too much documentation etc on the Internet, but it's sporty, and in today's new class of engines it still runs smooth as silk.

Mine has an I-6 2.4 liter engine with 4 speed auto with overdrive. But when you put the pedal to the metal it's one of the few automatic rear-wheel drives that can screech the tires going from 2nd to 3rd gear. Fantastic!

26th Jan 2002, 05:03

I have a Altima 2.0 litre model 1991. I do not have any infomation about the HP or torque of this car, the maximum speed that I could test is about 175 KM/H and I think the carburettor is not good,

If you have any information, please tell me on issatissco@.yahoo.com

9th Apr 2007, 01:13

I have been driving Laurels for quite sometime now. I am currently drive a 92 Altima which I absolutely adore. It is very comfortable, powerful (I have the 2.4L - 6 Cylinders). I have no idea why some of its spare parts are a bit expensive though. Perhaps the car was never manufactured in Europe? I would love to hear more on that. The fuel consumption averages KM per liter. I can deal with that as long as the car requires VERY LITTLE maintenance. I absolutely love it.