30th Sep 2005, 21:55

I've noticed that my 02 max has had a problem with the Bose system's left speaker channel cutting out when playing CD's. Very annoying in a 3 year old car that cost over 30K new. Has anyone seen any relief from Nissan on this issue? My car is well out of warranty having over 70K miles, but now if there was a recall...hmmmm...Email me at Chami90655@aol.com


24th Mar 2008, 22:21

I had that left speaker problem as well! The speaker didn't work sometimes; but only when using the CD player. When I was playing the radio, it was fine. It's a very annoying problem.

7th Dec 2008, 13:19

CAR IS AMAZING, RUNS 100%. I do have that speaker problem til the car warms up. I usually kick mine to make it work, but other than that it is amazing and I have upgraded features better than Toyotas, Dodges, Saturns, Lincolns, and Fords I've had.

29th Apr 2009, 14:01

I've just developed the left front speaker problem, but besides that the car is still a dream to own and drive. I've had very few problems with the car. Still stands out as far as performance.

16th Jul 2010, 10:49

My 02 Maxima is a piece of crap.

I've replaced the tires 4 times in 105k miles, both hubs, sway bar, starter, mass. air sensor, all oxygen sensors, and they all need to be replaced again.

The e-brake cable broke, had to replace 2 of the window motors, and now the little subwoofer in the back cuts on and off, the radio cuts on and off, the license plate lights won't work (I got a ticket for that), and the passenger side head light won't work half the time; I've got to hit it to put it on.

This car is junk haha.

5th Aug 2010, 22:23

I recently bought 02 Maxima SE 6 spd manual, and this car is amazing, and all the records for the car are included; it has been practically problem free.

It was really well taken care of, which I'm sure has a lot to do with the condition of any car.

I have upgraded air filter, all stainless catback exhaust with Magnaflow tip, which sounds amazing on the car, but not extremely loud where attention can be caught.

Added stabilizer bar, Brembo performance brakes, and 17" fast alloy rims on low pros's.

Owned a Sentra SE-R Spec V before this car, and the "Max" owns it in every way. Similar mods to the Spec V as well.

I have no doubt in my mind that it could leave any Mustang GT stock in its dust, with proper driving skills of course. You have got to admit the Japanese have some amazing technology.

18th May 2012, 13:15

It is for sure, a very fast and responsive vehicle. Mine is the 3.5, and has the rear spoiler with the brake light. It's the opal looking white.

It is a very expensive car to repair. It has a lot of front end problems, especially hubs and wheel bearings. The xenon headlights are so expensive. Bought a bulb, just a bulb - no assembly of any kind. Dealership price was $268.00. I nearly fell over. That is just absolute highway robbery.

It breaks about once a year with a front end problem of some kind.

It has got 170K on it now, and I use high mileage oil. It burns a lot of oil, but still runs extremely well. When you floor it, the whole car vibrates, so I don't do that anymore. Don't know what causes it. Doesn't do it unless you give it all the gas.