11th Jun 2003, 21:28

I have had my 1992 Nissan Maxima SE since it was produced. I am at 180,000 miles right now, and have just started to have problems. First the fuel pump went, then the axles went. I thought that this was no big deal, and would keep driving it until a major component went. Then transmission fluid showed up all over my driveway. I took it to the dealer, who said that I needed a new transmission for about $2700. I took it for another opinion, only to find out that the transmission leak was a $40 repair to fix the seal (which was damaged when they installed the axles)! Don't always trust the dealer, because sometimes they are out to make you THINK you need a new vehicle. The moral of the story is that these cars are awesome performers, and the problems that show up are sometimes not as serious to repair as they appear.

2nd Aug 2003, 07:30

Thank you. You nailed it on the button. These cars are just that and more. As for the car dealers, I couldn't have said it any better than that. I call it "JOB SECURITY!" That's what they really do. They could care less if you could afford it or not. I am all for getting that second opinion and then weighing your options. Bravo!

10th Feb 2005, 16:56

Feb 10, 2005.

I have a Nissan Maxima 92 which does not pass the emission test for NO Ox: 599 versus max of 439. The staff from testing center told me that the cause could be: the EGA (?), the cooling system or the catalytic convertor. In his opinion, the higher temperature resulted from burning creates this NO in excess and only a cooling of the engine will solve the problem.

I would really appreciate some help and advices or opinions.

Thank you in advance for your response.