10th Mar 2007, 16:30

The over all repair history of our 2001 Maxima has been minimal.

We did have problems with front rotors warping after having them turned and new brakes put on. They would not cover the problem as it was a wearable item that was not on the recall list. eventually I got some different pads and rotors and havent had a problem.

We also have had an engine light on for a while. When we took it in Nissan told us it was a faulty reading and reset it. Turns out it reads a bad catalytic converter on the code check. We found out that the Government requires manufacturers to warranty emissions parts up to 80,000 miles. Unfortunately after we found this out the warranty has expired. So never by into the dealer telling you your engine light is giving improper readings. If its on there is something wrong. So I am now skeptical of Nissans overall service honesty.

Lately we also have an instrument lighting problem. Sometimes the light gauge goes out on the speedo.

The car has over a 100 grand in mile now, but another issue we have is once in a while if it sits for a few days, the engine makes noise on starts. I use mobil one oil, but I do use those cheap Wal-Mart filters. So I am in the process of trying to figure it out. Whats the sense in using expensive oil if the engine starves oil on starts? Not sure what it is, but the sound makes me think, well their goes another 10,000 miles on her.

7th Jun 2007, 23:40

In response to the last comment, what's the sense in using expensive oil if you're going to use a cheap filter from Wal-Mart? The oil filter is one of the most critical parts on your engine. A cheap oil filter is probably the cause of the oil starvation when you start the engine after it's been sitting for a few days (it probably doesn't have an anti-drain back valve). Spend the extra money on a genuine Nissan oil filter.

8th Feb 2011, 15:31

We have had a 2002 NZ new A33 Maxima since new. It has been a good car with no real faults in 140,000 kilometres.

Suspension is a bit soft, especially in the rear. Aftermarket heavy duty King rear springs improved ride and handling heaps. Firmer KYB front shocks improved it further.

Since about 90,000 kms, ours has had the "start up rattle" from the engine when cold. It is well documented on the forums, and seems to go away for a few thousand kilometres after a new oil and filter is fitted.

I use semi-synthetic oil. Fully synthetic oil caused increased consumption for us.

As said above, the steering feels a bit dead, a known A33 Maxima characteristic.

Overall a good car. I have seen a few with well over 300,000 kilometres up with no problems.