2nd Dec 2006, 19:39

I have a 1997 Maxima since new and I t has 120,000 miles. Repairs: A front strut at around 5K. I think I hit a curb and may have caused it to fail. It was covered under warranty. An alternator that failed around 50K, but was covered under warranty. It was later covered under a recall. A Starter that`failed around 100K. I also had a ripped boot, but I found it in time. The radio and speakers are starting to show wear. Back speakers have a paper tearing sound with high bass music. If your accelerator pedal is sticking, you need to clean the throttle body. It tends to stick. This cleaning also helped with cold starts in the morning. Beyond these small ailments this car is truly bullet proof. The power is still there and the car has no squeaks or rattles. I am a Maxima man forever.

11th Dec 2006, 16:40

I have a 1998 Nissan Maxima GLE. I keep having to replace my starter because they keep burning out; I have replaced the starter 3 times this year. The dealerships told me that you can only use the actual Nissan starter and there would not be future problems. Regardless of whether I purchase the starter from the dealership, junk yard, or local autopart stores, the results are still the same. Anybody have any ideas. If so, please email me at Young_Smooth_Casanova@yahoo.com. Thanks


20th Dec 2006, 22:28

I have a 98 GLE and live in Chicago. When it is cold and the car has not been started for a while it starts fine, but squeals. It usually stops when I rev the engine. I have that cupholder problem too. I t plays burned CDs fine I guess my Max loves Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton.

6th Oct 2007, 11:17

One thing I would like is a list of Blank CD brands and types. Because as it stands, I have not had a single burnt CD spin up in my Maxima. 98 GLE, Bose Sound etc.

Also, someone had mentioned that there are laser mod's you can do to make it capable of reading burnt Cd's. Well if it's as simple as I'm thinking... I have an old CD burner with a good laser in it. Any suggestions or types of CD's that reportedly work?

8th Oct 2007, 16:58

I have a 97 Maxima GLE and also have had to replace the starter a couple of times. Just today I had to replace the one that was put in last year.

I had to replace the Cv boots on both side last year.

The other problem I have is with the Bose stereo. The wires must be loose because the sound does not come through all of the speakers. I have to push on the display panel and then all of the speakers work for a while... then it goes out again and have to push the panel again. It's annoying.

11th Oct 2007, 22:12

I have a 98 Maxima with 215,000 Miles on it. It Runs Flawlessly. the steering is perfect, the Battery is original, but I also have run into the starter problem; replaced it once now I'm all good. I have had one problem lately with the Knock Sensor, I actually just replaced it when I first got the car. so I'm hopeing that it is just a electrical error of some variety. My father runs a transmission shop which I also actively work at, and had him clear the computer of all error codes and unfortunately the check engine light came back on. so I'm crossing my fingers that it isn't really the Knock Sensor. it seems like the Sensors are one of the only problems that I have occured, but otherwise it runs amazing. All of my friends compliment me on how well it runs, rides, and looks. my overall rateing on a 98 Maxima and all of the others in the series are a good 8/10 their amazing and reliable cars. Maxima's are also quite fast. a friend of mine runs his 95 Manual in 3rd Gear at 140 MPH, and its all stock.

1st Jan 2008, 17:54

Hi, I'm the writer of this review; my Maxima is nearing 137k now and I have not had any problems other than replacing both CV boots. (The second time was probably either my fault or a wear-and-tear situation.) The grinding noise turned out to be a strut plate that needed greasing, no big deal. The heated seats do work, I discovered last winter; the light on the button just doesn't come on. This is a great car. Hasn't let me down yet. Doesn't like starting on cold mornings, but if you keep trying a few times it'll crank... never been problematic. I'm probably going to replace the brakes fairly soon and get a tune-up done, but overall, it's running like a champ. I've driven the heck out of this car... long trips and two accidents later (one side impact, one rear impact), the thing just keeps running.

Still looking for a solution to the CD player issue (other than replacing headunit). Try your luck with a few different brands of CD-R. I don't have my CD's with me, but some brands work better than others in the stock stereo. Mine won't play CD-RW's or MP3 CD's at all, so maybe that could be part of the problem for some people.

BTW, the car is an SE.

1st Jun 2008, 19:12

I have a '97 Max as well... 170k and counting. Mine has the same cranking idiosynchrasies that you've mentioned. The ignition switch is the likely culprit for your No Start situation. As someone else mentioned, turn the key ALL the way and hold it until the engine starts. Or if it's really annoying, replace the ignition switch. There is also a switch in the shifter (I'm assuming that yours is an automatic). I've had rare instances where I've either had to slap forward on the shifter or run the shifter through all the gears and then try to crank the car again. It's always worked, and the Wonder Max has never stranded me.

7th Jul 2008, 10:17

1997 Maxima SE, 168,000 miles, original owner. Only maintenance was replace spark plugs, belts, tires and brakes. Clock doesn't come on very often (and is wrong when it does come on). I had a tear on the CV joint boot, so I had the front axle replaced.

Only problem now is sometimes the car won't turn over. When it does it starts right away. It has not happened to me but has happened to my wife. She said she thought she heard a faint clicking noise (she could only hear it with the windows down). So do you think it is a problem with the starter or the key/ ignition problem? Both seem to be mentioned above.

Any thoughts/ guesses are appreciated.

14th Jul 2008, 22:16

Hi, I have a 98 Maxima. 145k miles, stick shift, runs great, better than my 2005 Chevy Malibu.

I don't really have any problem with it except for the CD err display that it just started displaying recently, and the knock sensor, which I was told was a result of buying the cheapest gas, and it went off after I upgraded..

It won't play my CDs, and the radio display goes on and off. Someone suggested disconnecting the battery terminals for a few minutes and then reconnecting it back. Am yet to try this, but this is supposed to reset the computer in the car. I hope it works. Does anybody else know what I can do?

In general I think the car is great. I'll rate it a 9/10.