12th Jun 2007, 14:54

Is it really possible to steal 02' Maxima headlights with an alarm system installed in the car? I'm an 02' owner myself, and now I'm worried! Please post here.

23rd Jun 2007, 00:55

Of course its easy to steal your headlights, even with the factory alarm. All you have to do is disable the alarm, which all it is, by disabling the car horn by clipping its wires thru the hood. (not being specific for a purpose. Manny.

28th Jun 2007, 20:28

Anyone can steal the 2002-2003 headlights and they do to put them on 2000-2001 maximas or Suped up Honda Civics. My answer was change the nose to a 2001 and put in AE headlights. Who cares about HID anyways. They don't ever steal the lights now!HAHAHAHA!

7th Aug 2007, 21:59

Very surprising about the sensors in your car. I have an 02 with over 90k miles, I have had no service issues with the car. Tires are pretty expensive, though. Very well built car with great power. Auto trans is silky smooth as is the 255 hp engine. The infiniti I35 is an identical car.

25th Sep 2008, 09:35

I had a 2002 GLE and about 3 years ago I noticed the check engine light would appear when traveling more that 1 - 2 hours on the highway at a constant speed. When I pulled over for gas or food that is when the light would appear. Everytime this happened the light would usually go away the next day or when the car cooled off. I brought this to 2 dealers when the light appeared and I was told it was a O2 sensor that was reporting an overheat. I elected to replace both sensors and the problem never came back.

13th Apr 2010, 15:39

Had same problem with O2 sensor. Did it myself. It's very easy to get to. Look up the instructions online. Took me ten to fifteen minutes to complete. Part was about 40 bucks.

6th Mar 2011, 18:15

My 2002 Maxima SE is having a problem. I got in today, radio off, started the car and a high pitched screaming sounded, almost like the alarm was on... No fuses blown? The car will even run like that? What is going on with this car? It's driving me to drink...

Please help me.