1988 Nissan Micra GSX 1.0L from UK and Ireland


Tough, reliable, economic little car, with heart and character in spades


Scored brake discs.

Broken rear-heated screen.

Electrical fault which caused the lights on the in-car stereo to remain on even when the engine was off (solved by replacing the radio system).

Hole in the front section of her exhaust (at 117000 miles)

New ignition system/starter motor at 112,000 miles - starter still noisy.

Wheels recently re-balanced (mainly due to speed bumps!)

General Comments:

To date repairs have been mainly general wear and tear - fuel filter, points, plugs, leads, distributor cap, brake pads and discs, tyres etc.

Not as nippy as she once was, but extremely fuel economic (Edinburgh and back on a half tank of petrol).

Never had any problems taking her long-distance or on motorways, though she was designed as an about town car, though the ride is resultantly noisy due to her age. Top speed of 100mph is now well out of her range, but can do 75-80mph which is enough to allow for some security when overtaking.

Intuitive to drive, good driving position even for the tall driver (like me) positive gear changes, easy to manoeuvre and park, good all round vision. Roomier than expected for a car in her class.

Most faults can be put down to age! Doesn't like the cold and wet, but what car (or indeed person!) does.

Bodywork still solid and not rusting severely. I've had two mechanics tell me that with the Micra, it is usually not any mechanical fault that gets them in the end, it's a failure of their bodywork. They were built to run and run and run and my car has definitely done that.

I will more than sad when the time comes to say goodbye - she's been with me 2.5 fantastic years and I passed my test in her so...

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Review Date: 18th January, 2006

8th Feb 2006, 15:46

The noise from the starter motor is a common problem with all K10 Micra's. As far as I know, it isn't the starter motor that is the problem, but the teeth on the flywheel are broken, but I could be wrong. I am open to suggestion on what it may also be, because I often get the grinding noise from my Micra asw ell.

8th Mar 2006, 02:07

No, I believe you're right, as replacing the starter motor did nothing and the problem is getting progressively worse. That's certainly what all the car-knowledgeable men in my life seem to think it is as well.

1988 Nissan Micra colette 1.0 ltr from UK and Ireland


Superb advert for the early Japanese car manufacturers


Heater controls came loose behind dashboard.

General Comments:

Excellent condition for year.

Starts first time even after being covered in ice & frost for few days.

Sunroof & windows still watertight after all these years.

Uses very very little oil between services.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2005

19th Nov 2007, 13:12

I think the car is awesome! I had to do a bit of brake work on it, but what can you expect of a car for free? It runs fine, and is probably a best first car. I recommend it to everyone.

1988 Nissan Micra LS 1.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


Left rear wheel trim began to fall off after 90,000 miles. Replaced all wheels with a £400 set of 12-inch alloys.

Stereo/cassette player packed up after 102,000 miles. Bought a new CD player for £300.

Head gasket blew after 115,000 miles. Paid £1,500 for a new 1.4 litre fuel injection engine to be fitted.

Brake cable snapped after 123,000 miles and was replaced for £250.

General Comments:

Lasted me four years and covered 53,000 miles during that time.

Interior was cramped, but as solid as old boots.

New engine ran as sweet as a nut, but the car's handling was no match for its performance.

Paid £500 for it in 2000, when it was 12 years old.

Four years later I sold it for £50. Its new owner wrote it off after just one week after jumping a red light and swerving to avoid traffic, only to mount the pavement and crash into a telephone box. He's now serving a two year ban for drink driving.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2005