2008 Nissan Micra Accenta 1.2 petrol from Denmark


Very easy car to drive, but a few interior faults


Mechanically this car is quite reliable - I have not had any faults with it whatsoever. The only things that needed changing are brake discs and calipers, but that is expected.

However it is the interior trim that is really a let down. For example the plastic bit that protects the rear bumper from scratches when you take things in/out of the trunk is attached with some plastic clips, which broke very fast, so it stays on held down by only its own weight. Then the rubber bit that insulates the driver's door came loose (also attached by some flimsy plastic bits). The bits that cover the rails on which the front seats slide back and forth also came off, and it's not like I would fill the car with kids... And some other bits of the trim weren't properly attached and are loose.

So all these minor things make me question the overall build quality.

General Comments:

This was my first car, so it was quite important that it is easy to drive, and on this front it delivers quite well. Despite having only a 82 BHP engine, I think it sets off quite well, the steering is quite precise, the clutch is light, and the ride comfort for such a small car is fine.

One thing that surprised me is that the engine is a bit thirsty - I was not able to get more than 17 km/l in city driving and 20 km/l outside the city (on winter tires the mileage goes down to about 15 km/l).

Overall I think this is a fine small car, but due to all the minor interior flaws, I would certainly think long and hard before buying another Nissan.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2014

27th Oct 2017, 08:27

Hmmm 17 km per litre is pretty economical... That's about 48 MPG around town, and then you get 20 km per litre on the open road, which is 56 MPG. That's economical by any car's standards... I think you are getting fantastic economy even for a small car. I doubt if even a hybrid would be getting this kind of economy in real world driving; plus you don't have the huge purchase price and depreciation that these hybrids seem to have... just a bit of servicing. I have a 2002 March/Micra that I drive a bit aggressively and it gets about 34 to 38 MPG around town (depending on how I am driving of course)... Keep up the obviously good driving that you must be doing.

2008 Nissan Micra City Collection 1.4 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Quirky looks, good engine and lots of space!


Nothing yet, but we only got it yesterday.

General Comments:

Great little supermini. Although it has been on sale in other parts of the word for as long as five years, it has only just reached Australia. They have only brought one here; the 1.4 five door with automatic. That suited my mum fine fine though. Even though it's a 1.4, she seems to have trouble staying under 60, and the cabin is very spacious.

The back seats, even when the front ones are all the way back, are still very spacious.

I am not sure on the looks but my mum loves it.

The boot could have been bigger, and the dashboard could have been classier, but it'll do.

Standard features are excellent - we didn't need to order any extras. We did go for the City Collection package though, which gives us 4 more airbags, alloys and a six stacker CD player.

Wouldn't recommend it to a petrol head, but if you live in the city or just want a really economical car, I would recommend it.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2008

12th Oct 2012, 05:04

I was just wondering how the Micra is going after four years?