13th Sep 2004, 07:32

Its now at 130,000km and the cv joints are clucking at every turn... I don't blame it quite honestly it has taken a beating and not to mention been through quite bit of water... the car still starts on first go! and everything plastic in the car is still intact. the rubber seals are looking a little tired, but there has been no water seepage or leakage detected...

I've replaced the tyres with Falken ST512 195/45/15 and they are much better than the Kumhos... they tramline a lot less and seem quieter.

The steering shudder has gone and I suspect its due to faulty wheel or balancing... that wheel has since been rotated and put in the rear. The fuel economy seems to be climbing a bit, I used to get about 480km to a full tank, now I seem to be getting about 410km... Overall very happy with the car still. just need to change them cv joints.

5th Feb 2006, 06:20

Hi Ho... this is an update on my Singapore March! it's pushing 173000km on the odometer and its still humming along.. one of the noises from my after-market sunroof has been sorted. no fault of the car. A small creak in the sun visors. The goodyear F1 tyres I am using seem to be getting better with age. I was a little disappointed at first because I found the tyres would squeal more easily on fast corners (in contrast to my former Falkens.) but scrubbing in has helped a lot. I've had the high beam light come on recently and that was indicative of a blown main lamp. fixed that in a second... the lamp is OK actually, it was the electrical connector at the light housing itself that was loose. A small piece of rubber trim is coming loose at the top of my windscreen. just a bit now... will monitor the situation. Apart from a battery I replaced a coupla months ago. nothing has needed replacement. oh and rear left license plate light blown... just recently... I'm not too fussed about that. will update you on the progress of my car. if nothing major goes wrong, I should be writing at around 200,000km cheers.

27th Sep 2006, 11:05

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29th Oct 2007, 04:14

Well, I am pretty sure you wanted to persuade me to get a Micra... Well, you succeeded and thanks for the great review!

I am looking now for a Micra with 1.3 Engine, as they should be more apt for the Autobahns around here ;)