26th Sep 2003, 23:55

I am in Australia and have owned my 1996 K11 1.3litre since new.

The car has performed well without any mechanical faults whatsoever. Paint quality could have been a little better and the cockpit allows dust entry. I now have 220,000kms and still the engine runs perfectly and uses no oil between services.

Performance is not as sharp as when car was new, but still runs well. I lowered suspension 1.5 inches and this improved the body roll.

It goes through front tires less than my mini used to and I have got 600kms from a tank of fuel. Average of 42-48 mpg.

I do not drive car slow and cruise at 120kph on the freeways.

Mike Carr.

8th Jan 2004, 14:31

NATS (Nissan Anti Theft System) alarm.

You will find this fault on several models of Nissans as the same alarm was fitted on the 200sx Almera GTI and the Patrol as a factory fit

Your alarm been the same as the above without the siren which came as an extra as is the glass brake sensor, was fitted by your dealer, but used the same master module parts,

What you will find after 200-300 activations the anti hi-jacking code runs out of codes and fails to reset its self, we found disconnecting the harness lead for the central locking would reset the code, this been a little difficult to locate under the steering wheel, so to quicken things up I found disconnecting the battery for 20 seconds had the same result, but would need the use of the red master key flob

I hope this save you a trip to your main dealer and get wrongly quoted for a new and unnecessary master unit.

31st Jul 2007, 12:27

Hi there, please help.

I have a Nissan Micra 1.3GX `R`. The battery recently died, which I replaced and in doing so seamed to have messed up the N.A.T.S alarm system.

Is there an easy way to get out of this?

Any ideas?

19th Aug 2007, 09:26

Hi there, you need to re-programme the fob to your car. This is easy enough to do; I think I discovered this on a forum when I was searching for a supplier of the batteries as they are hard to come across.

I think it was as follows.

1. Put key in ignition, turn ignition on and off 6 times within 10 seconds.

2. Hold the lock button, press unlock 3 times until the hazards flash twice or vice versa.

3. Lock and unlock the car and the hazards should flash once. Everything should work OK now.

If not google it!!

Hope this helps, Baz

6th Oct 2007, 06:07

My daughter recently bought a 2004 (53) Micra 1.0 E, recently when she stops the car the red N.A.T.S indication light starts flashing even when she takes the key out and locks the car it still flashes yet there is no mention of this in the manual. Earlier this year I had a Micra courtesy car and the same thing happened... any thoughts please.

Degsy Redcar.

29th Sep 2010, 10:16

Hi. Thanks for your review.

Yes it does go through front tyres, however if like me you have just managed to secure 4 front tyres from Ebay for £50 delivered, then you won't worry too much. Try it!