2007 Nissan Murano SL 3.5L from North America


Fantastic vehicle, looks, power. Hard to repair... poor engine design


We had the transfer case fail right after we bought it, but it was covered under warranty.

In the last year I've replaced...

Cam position sensors.

Spark plugs (tough job, had to take the whole intake off. Repair manual states you need to remove the whole hood and window cowling, which is crazy for just a spark plug job. I managed it without).

All new brakes rotors on all four wheels.

New battery.

New serpentine belt.

The above are all regular service items and shouldn't even be mentioned, but....

New fuel level sensors, located in the gas tank. Gas gauge stopped working. Common flaw it seems.

Ball joints will need to be done soon. Rough Canadian roads = ball joint killer.

Here's the big one... it needs a new alternator. It works fine, but the bearings are shot and it makes a crazy howling. I have replaced alternators on a few other past vehicles with no issues, but the Murano is a bit ridiculous. The alternator is in the middle of the engine, down low and jammed in a tight spot. You need to remove the battery, battery tray, fan housing, and whole radiator just to remove the alternator. I've been quoted $950 CDN for the job in a few different shops. The part in Canada is around $400. On RockAuto in the States it's $150 shipped. Looks like I'll be doing the job myself. In the process, and since I have to remove the radiator, I'll be installing a new radiator, hoses, and thermostat. The thermostat itself is in a super tight spot next to the frame. I've seen a couple videos that show removing the engine mount and jacking the engine up just to remove the thermostat. Which to me is a regular maintenance part and should not be that difficult to replace.

Another flaw that I've heard of on many 3.5L's is the timing chain guide. It's made out of plastic, and tends to break, causing timing chain misalignment. Why a plastic piece would be used on such a high wear part is beyond me. It requires engine removal to repair. Poor engineering design.

I guess what I'm getting at, for higher mileage Murano's... beware shop costs on trivial replacements. The engine is mounted sideways and makes for extremely difficult repairs and high labour costs. I'm not a mechanic, but can't afford $1000 to replace an alternator, so I'll be doing it myself. Not sure I'd buy another Murano just for the difficulty of repair. Love the car, sucks to fix.

General Comments:

I always find car reviews on brand new cars good, but they don't tell you much on the reliability over the years. Every new car will probably get decent reviews. So here's a review on a Murano with 150,000K.

This car has been great up until the last year. Love the ride. Great in the winter. Love the looks and feel. Interior is awesome. Tons of room in the back seats. Lots of power. The 3.5L engine is mounted sideways and proves very difficult to repair yourself, or you are doomed to pay expensive shop costs.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2017

26th Mar 2017, 03:36

While I don't see other reports of poor serviceability in other reports, your review is well written, and entirely plausible.

Thank you for sharing.

2007 Nissan Murano SL AWD 3.5 V6 from North America


Great SUV

General Comments:

Had the vehicle for 4 years. Kept regular oil changes. Everything works smooth. It's at 91000 km right now, and I haven't changed brakes yet, they're still strong.

From the list of changes I would say I've changed windshield wipers. Everything else works fine. The CVT transmission is great.

The only down side I can think of is no auxiliary port for additional electronic devices to be installed.

Otherwise, a great vehicle.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2011

2007 Nissan Murano S 3.5 from North America


Excellent crossover - Would buy again!


Interior part missing under seat - Dealer fixed at no cost.

General Comments:

Fantastic. Great car. Really good gas mileage for it's size (had upper 20's on the highway) if you can keep your foot out of it. Not sure how the AWD's do. CVT is really different - In a good way. No gear changes, especially with hard acceleration. I've been using 87 Octane with no problems.

Plenty of power if you need it. No problem passing on the two-lane highway. I don't tow but I'm sure it would do well.

Been on several serious road trips (1200 + miles round trip) and really enjoyed it. Cruise control is solid. Stereo sounds great.

Nice to see the tire pressure on the display. I have the base model - So only a few bells & whistles but happy with it as is. I could go on but you'd probably think I was a Nissan plant - No so :^)

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Review Date: 13th May, 2008

2007 Nissan Murano S 3.5 from North America


Classy, comfortable and a quality SUV for the price!


Brand new; nothing to list in this field.

General Comments:

Classy vehicle. The Merlot color with the beige interior combination looks very nice and elegant.

Interior features well thought out and ergonomic, and functional.

Seats are very comfortable and fit nicely.

Window views lack blind spots. Body lines of this vehicle prevent hard to see areas in the mirrors.

CVT transmission is a blessing! Transmission shift shock GOODBYE!

Engine is very quiet. When running and outside the vehicle you can't hear it run!

The quality of the Murano speaks for itself when you climb inside and close the doors! Seals nicely and very quiet! Very aerodynamic and noise free when traveling.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2006