1990 Nissan NX2000 2.0L TwinCam from North America


Little pocket rocket that needs lots of love and care


Rusts on A-pillar, around rear wheels.

Rear brake calipers!!! I had to replace them twice already. Exhaust pipes are all redone including flex-pipe, resonator pipe, mid pipe, muffler ($800).

Engine performance gets very low unless you maintain it constantly. Fuel Injection problem.

Antenna is not working.

Side of driver seat gets worn down easily and need some repair.

General Comments:

Little pocket rocket!! but it will burn your pocket!! Maintenance cost is relatively higher than any other cars I drove. Although I like the performance I don't think I will buy another NX2000. Nissan really need to do something about their calipers, which is a constant problem with other Nissan models. Shift is sweet and engine will perform nicely if you really take care of it and loving it. I guess I didn't love it enough. Pretty cheap compare to other cars in the same class.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 25th May, 2003

14th Nov 2003, 18:31

Wouldn't worry about buying another NX2000. Since they were only imported into the USA for 3 years, chances of finding another one are slim. Too bad, what a great car!