1993 Nissan NX2000 SR20DE from North America


Very nice ride


Rear calipers use to seize up when cold. Replaced those.

Fifth gear use to pop out. Replaced transmission.

Engine died. Replaced that with SR20DET.

General Comments:

Although all that work was done on the car, I still have it. It's good on gas, and since the engine was replaced, I've had no problems since.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2006

1993 Nissan NX2000 2.0 SR20DE from North America


The car is a great project car and fast out of the box


CV Joints and Alternator were replaced after purchasing the vehicle (178000 miles) Dash has small cracks.

General Comments:

Runs great, a fun car to drive, suprisingly fast, gives an average mustang and camaro a culture shock. Great on gas.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2005

1993 Nissan NX2000 SR20 petrol Non-turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Roaring SR20 Engine, awesome car


When I got the car inspected prior to purchase, the mechanic outlined a few things, these included:

1) Front brake disks had developed grooves

2) Rear dust boots had started to crack

3) All the belts in the engine needed replacement, which is expected at 153,000 km

4) The air-conditioning fan switch only operated on Level 4, and not on Levels 1,2,3. Problem being the control resistor, which costs about $70.

General Comments:

After owning a Mitsubishi Lancer 98 Model, which was also an immaculate car in terms of maintenance and looks, this car still managed to satisfy my "Rev-thirsty" soul.

The SR20-DE engines are quite powerful, even with the air-conditioning on. The car can easily beat most other non-turbo sports cars at a drag. The engine does not seem to complain about revving up to even 5,500 rpm. With a larger exhaust, noise becomes very solid yet toned.

The interior is in surprisingly good condition after 12 years of usage.

Fuel economy seems OK, I've done about 265 kilometres on 3/5 of a tank which would mean about 10-11 kilometres to a liter, which is not bad at all.

Overall, I think it's a very good buy, I would definitely recommend this car to anyone seeking an economical sports car.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2005

1993 Nissan NX2000 nxr 2.0L SR20 from Australia and New Zealand


Great Zippy sports/targa top car for the price


Nothing too much, Since the car is lowered the electric windows rattle when down.

Air conditioning needs to be re-gassed.

Idle seems to drop every now and then.

General Comments:

I'm very impressed with the car. The SR20 motor holds up well and really picks up and goes around 4,000rpm.

Has a nice sound when the revs increase and the car jumps to 100km/h.

Brand new the nx2000 (NXR in Australia) were around the $38,000. So the build quality is pretty sturdy.

After 10yrs + you do have to expect a few rattles here and there.

The targa top is great for summer. Neat little car.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2004

1993 Nissan NX2000 2.0 Inline 4 from North America


A lean mean speed machine


I failed inspection for emissions. This meant a bad catalytic converter, exhaust system leaks in front and back, busted resonator, and replaced the O2 sensor. These were all replaced at once and cost about $400.

Having a problem which seems like a bad alternator, but not quite sure yet.

One headlight and one fog light were out.

General Comments:

Despite the problems I've been having with it, it's a great car. I love the sound especially when it gets in the higher rpms. Accelerates quickly and brakes quickly also.

The car has a great look to it, not some generic econobox, but a sporty little speed machine.

T-Tops are a nice addition for warm weather.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2004

12th Jun 2004, 07:26

Did you get any headlight for the car and where can I find this place in the world.

4th Mar 2005, 00:20

Check out the www.sr20forum.com for all your NX2000/NX1600, Sentra SE-R needs!

1993 Nissan NX2000 Base 2.0 SR20DE from North America


Quite possibly the best Nissan model ever


Nothing before 100,000 miles, just normal maintenance.

Replaced thermostat and CV joints at 110,000 miles.

Replaced exhaust system at 120,000 miles.

General Comments:

My 1993 NX2000 has 135,000 miles and just keeps going and going and going.

Drive-ability and reliability remain excellent. No problems, ever!

Fit and finish also excellent. Even after 11 years, everything works like it just left the factory!

Car is quick, economical, well equipped and great fun to drive!

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Review Date: 13th November, 2003

3rd Jan 2004, 22:29

You need not worry. my 91 has 206000 miles and still kick's _ _ _...

5th Mar 2005, 12:14

I also have a 93' NX2000. Mileage around 160,400. Still running strong. I love this little speed demon. Wish I could make it faster though.

Does anyone know what kind of engine is compatible with the NX.

16th Jun 2008, 23:17

My GF has a NX 2000, it has been her first car... being a 1993 car driving in 2008, it ain't exactly her idea of sporty. But I love the car myself, and hopefully be taking it off her hands when she gets a new ride.

And the best part about it... 256,000 miles and still sets you back. I believe it's just now getting broke in. LOL.

15th Apr 2011, 14:07

I also have a 1993 NX2000 and the engine was blown when I bought the car, the whole suspension got replaced and now I just need the engine. Can any of you all let me know where I can get one? Or what type of other engines are compatible?

1993 Nissan NX2000 2.0 twin cam from North America


A reliable yet sporty car


The starter went at 146,000 km.

Seat belts didn't retract properly.

General Comments:

Overall a great car, quick acceleration, but lacks power afterwards.

Super comfy seats although the back seat is very small, which is to be expected for a sports car.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2002