1993 Nissan Pathfinder SE 3.0 V6 from North America




My frame rusted; both sides broke, and after removing scaled rust, there wasn't much of it left. I plan to fabricate and weld in a new frame myself with a 2 inch lift.

The shocks were also busted, so I will be replacing them with air shocks to ultimately achieve a little extra tire clearance (especially towing boat, camping gear etc).

I love these trucks! I currently own a 92 Pathfinder SE V6 manual 4x4 with 220 000, 93 XE V6 manual 4x4 with 290 000, and a 95 D21 Hardbody XE V6 Kingcab WD with a manual trans.

I have fixed the exhaust bolts that break off in the head on the torque side, by using a right angle drill with reverse, and a left handed drill bit removing the bolt. Then I drilled and tapped it out for a 3/8 Chevy American bolt (figured it was stronger).

My Nissan 4x4 pulled out 15 semi trucks in a snowstorm last year, with a rusted frame and lots of cars up my hill.

General Comments:

I guess I'm a collector.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2011

1993 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4wd 3gvoe from North America


Durable and a work horse


I have had to change the starter twice due to the oil filter being directly above the starter.

I have an exhaust leak of course due to design flaws.

The switch on my passenger side electric window quit working.

Feels and smells like gas like it is running rich. Had to tighten the gas line in front of the intake due to gas leaking, but it still smells like gas.

When starting sometimes you hear the starter click once, eventually starting after a few tries with the key after changing the starter and the battery out.

The A/C pulley came off and lodged into the front of the motor.

The truck needs a new timing belt now soon to be replaced.

But I still love this truck!

General Comments:

The turning radius is definitely lacking.

The spark plugs are difficult to get to.

The starter definitely gives me the blues.

The exhaust leak will not defeat me.

I intend to keep this truck forever.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2010

1993 Nissan Pathfinder SE from North America


Good until the frame goes


The frame is falling apart, engine is making noises, because the frame is going. The front wheels are turning in a lil bit, rusting badly.

The trunk door doesn't really stay up all the time anymore, and my head light is out.

Waaayyyy too many problems and all it's going to get worse... I'm trying to sell it or something now.

General Comments:

This is a good car and I really like it... but the frame really sucks! Mine is starting to make noises :(

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Review Date: 27th August, 2008

1993 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 diesel from Philippines


Diesel engines are a lot better now compared before


This pick-up is slow, and it had a hard time overtaking slow vehicles on the road when it went out of town.

The old radio doesn't work, but later replaced with a stereo from a Ford Lynx.

On the way to Baguio, the air-con malfunctioned but was fixed right away.

The taillight broke, but was fixed within the day.

Wheel misaligned.

General Comments:

This is not the US version of the Pathfinder, it is the local version of the Pathfinder, which is a 4x4 pick-up.

It is slow and has a hard time accelerating, but is very dependable.

It is a big-time smoke belcher, and I remember one time in Kalayaan Avenue on the way home being caught by authorities for emission testing, and we failed it so we had to do everything to solve the problem.

The back seat is uncomfortable for 3 persons, but the front row is okay.

I would say that diesel engines are a lot better now, and have better performance.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2008

1993 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4x4 3.0L from North America


I can't stand the thought of giving it up


Replaced timing belt at 90,000 and again at 160,000.

Front end alignment was consistent problem. I changed tie rod three times snd then had several parts replaced in front end which eventually solved the chronic alignment problem.

That's really the only trouble I've had. When I did timing belt at 160k, I went ahead and had water pump replaced too.

Original clutch started going out around 120,000.

General Comments:

I've been really pleased with this car. I use it in city for most of my driving, but I also have used it quite a bit in the mountains on the family farm; hauling rocks, dragging trees, pulling small utility trailers.

I also used for years hauling my kayaks and backpacks off into mountains.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2008