2004 Nissan Pathfinder LE Platinum Edition 3.5L V6 from North America




The car is now about to turn 6 years old. There is a small tear in the side bolstering of the driver's side leather seat. Other than the cosmetic tear, this SUV has been amazing!

General Comments:

I bought my girlfriend at the time a near $20,000 Tacori Platinum engagement ring with matching wedding band. 1.5+ carat on the solitaire with channel set diamonds all the way around the band. In order to help fund the purchase, I sold my Mustang GT. I love my wife and was happy to drive my father's 1995 Nissan Pickup XE that had only recently turned over to 100,000 miles and was still in immaculate condition.

I didn't get out of the parking lot with my new jewelry purchase before a lady in an Acura MDX hit me head on. My father spent over 20 years with Nissan Manufacturing in Tennessee before his untimely death at 47 years young - illness. I loved that truck and was upset that I was now going to have to take out an unnecessary car loan, but it is better than owing money for a ring. I guess I figured that if I could never offer my wife anything else in life, that I would get it right with the ring.

I set out in search of a Pathfinder. I knew them to be amazingly reliable SUV's that would give me the quasi utility of both a truck and car. I was incredibly disappointed with most mid 2000's Nissan products including the 2006 Pathfinder. Carlos Ghosen's cost cutting put emphasis on motor and exterior with very little left for the interior.

I found an immaculate 2004 Nissan Pathfinder, reminiscent of the great cars throughout the 1990's. This was the last year of the Japanese manufactured unibody. It's a bit smaller than its successor, but drives wonderfully and feels as new as it was when I purchased it at about 35,000 miles.

I love this truck so much that I intend on having the leather side bolstering repaired where it is torn. The rest of the interior on the LE Platinum Edition is Infiniti quality, sharing the remainder of the QX4's parts bin - smoked wood trim, electro-luminescent gauges, metallic "platinum" paint on the exterior and wheel finish, etc.

I plan to keep this truck until the wheels fall off. I am proud to own a vehicle reminiscent of the Nissan that my Dad spent so many years working for. While I am happy that Nissan Smyrna - an incredible manufacturing plant with wonderful people - is now manufacturing the body-on-frame Pathfinder here in the states, I hope the next generation SUV returns to the dynamic styling (personified by the new Maxima and 370Z) that it once held.

As for my beautiful wife, I always ask her how my Mustang is driving on her finger ;)

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Review Date: 11th June, 2010

13th Nov 2011, 17:26

I'm the author of this post just dropping in for a reliability update on the 2004 Pathfinder. Absolutely no problems whatsoever. Obviously gas mileage in the age of 40mpg's could be better, but I've been out of a car payment for so long that it'd cost me more to trade. The Pathfinder still accelerates and handles smoothly. No major maintenance or ownership issues.

I still recommend this great vehicle!

26th Apr 2013, 18:45

4/26/13 Update on the Pathfinder -

Still a great car, going strong as it passed 100k miles! I had an upholstery shop repair the seat tear and I replaced the shocks and struts with KYBs... loving the truck still. Thirsty, yes... but we were not as concerned with gas prices in the early 2000's. I can't fault the car for not living up to today's higher standards, but rather must judge it on its own merits, being a 2004 model.

2004 Nissan Pathfinder XE 3.5 litre from United Arab Emirates


A great car, but for the gas


Nothing much.

Battery died, but that is not an issue of the vehicle; it is a common with vehicles.

Takes up lot of gas, especially in city driving.

Seats not very comfortable for long drives.

General Comments:

I've enjoyed driving in my Pathfinder for the two years I've had it. I bought it in 2007 with 50000 km on the meter. Rode it till 100000. Good performance. Good handling.

Really liked my Pathfinder, but the gas consumption on city driving was huge...

Sporty look and feel...

Ample space for kids, pram and weekly shopping.

Good for the outdoors.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2010