29th Jul 2002, 14:34

I also have a 1991 Pathfinder SE. I have been driving it for 3 years and my mother had it for about 5 before that. She now has a 1995 Pathfinder (She wanted cup holders). The 91 has almost 170,000 miles on it and I get about 20mpg. I only non-routine thing that I have replaced is the passenger side door lock motor.

The only complaint I have is the design of the step bars does not allow water to get out easily and the insides rust quite a bit.

8th Dec 2002, 18:14

I have a 1999 Pathfinder and I just got a notice from my dealership wanting to replace the timing belt, since I have over 60,000 miles on the vehicle. He said he would have to remove the motor to replace the belt and it would cost about $385.00. I have not had any problems with my vehicle, is this necessary to change or just a scam?

I do have one problem, the gas pedal sticks, I have tried oiling but it didn't work.

10th Apr 2003, 17:38

I have owned a 1992 2wd manual Pathfinder since 1995.104,000 miles now. As maintenance free as one could ever expect a vehicle to be.

The manifold is noisy before it warms up, a design fault I am told. The lift gate pistons went bad. It has a bit of rust under the rear doors. I maintain it well and it loves me back.

It has plenty of power and is quite comfortable for an SUV. Interior has held up very well, even with dog travelers.

My spare tire is inside, would prefer it to be outside for more interior room. Is there an aftermarket fix?

I won't need an SUV for home/business for my next vehicle, but I would give a mighty thumbs up on Pathfinder.

27th Apr 2003, 09:03

I have 1990 pathfinder XE and it has been a good vehicle. I do not "off road" it. The problems I have had have been beyond routine maintenance include replacement of cracked exhaust manifolds three years ago and the new ones are cracked again. The transmission had to be replaced at 98,000 miles. Also the rear door lifters work only in the summer. A door lock motor needs to be replaced. There is only very very minor rust considering we "salt" the roads in winter. I will keep the machine for a while. It drives and rides well and is great in snow.

5th May 2003, 11:48

I have a 1997 pathfinder and it has a crack in the manifold and I just received notice from Midas Muffler that it will cost $1550.00 to replace the one defective side of the manifold. Is there any recall on these manifold as it is apparent that this happens quite often?

7th May 2003, 12:34

Owned our 93 Pathfinder for 4 years. It has proved very reliable and an all around good vehicle. It has 115K miles and still runs strong.

MPG is about 19 on the highway. Wish it was better.

26th May 2003, 08:06

The 1996 and up pathfinders have recall on the exhaust manifolds that are under a 100,000 call you dealer with your vin number.

11th Jun 2003, 00:27

I have a 91 pathfinder that I am currently pulling the motor on. It was running fine with 180,000 mile, until I thought it was submersible. I found a motor with 69,000 miles on it that I am putting in. the only complaint that I have is the same as many of you have stated, being the exhaust manifold leak. I have tried to prevent this from happening again before I put the new motor in, but everyone seems to have a different idea as to what causes it. I had the new manifolds ground, and that is supposed to fix the problem, time will tell if this is true.

4th Sep 2003, 13:29

I have own NISSAN TERRANO Pathfinder SE-V6 by '88. I have bought it 2 months back... Looks very good, no problems yet. Motor looks ideal. Only some places on body are little "brown" ;) But I can fix it!

6th Sep 2003, 18:23

This is for the guy who asked about the possible recall on the manifold. Go to www.alldata.com, then click on recalls and technical something or other (don't know it off the top of my head. I know it says recalls). Then find the year, make, model, and engine of your Pathfinder and it will give you a list of all the safety and general recalls to this date on your Pathfinder. Good luck.

14th Oct 2003, 13:06

I own a 1992 XE-V6. it's my second Pathfinder. They're really great trucks except for the little low-power and consumption issues. The most annoying thing with the Pathy is the manifolds studs problem that most of its owner will experience.

For what I've read, most of you want to cure the problem. The best way is to throw away both manifolds and replace the broken studs then install a set of headers. They won't warp and break studs, they will free-up some HP and increases your MPG. The prices runs between 200$ to 400$ a set. That's what I've done 2 years ago and never had problems since.

20th Oct 2003, 10:56

I have a 1991 Pathfinder-SE model. Bought it new and now 12 years later it has a bit over 298,000 miles on the odometer. Only real problem that I have had is with the Tranny - mostly my fault by towing and not having a Tranny cooler. It has been a great vehicle. BTW - I just bought a 2003 Pathfinder - only hope it as good as the '91. LOL.

2nd Aug 2008, 20:18

Replace the manifolds with Doug Thorley headers and you need differant studs too, the studs from the 300zx are stronger. This will fix the problem and give you some more horses. Buy a K&N filter too.

5th Nov 2008, 04:36

I have a Japanese import 1991 Terrano 2.7TD auto. 4dr.

Bought it at 89K, now has 133K on the clock.

Steering drag link replaced twice (same ball joint worn out).

Water pump at 100k, leak from shaft.

New non adjustable Munroe gas shocks all round at 102k. What a great difference to handling and ride that made, should have done it when I got it, but originals were electrically adjusted ones @ $800 each).

Alternator overhauled at 104k (vacuum pump A OK). Hitachi alternators easy to have repaired and are then stronger than new.

Auto serviced every 20k, and Davies trans-cooler added so no problem with overheating in transmission or radiator.

Vibration at takeoff from LSD. New Penrite LSD oil cured that.

Everything else standard and/or original. Service interval 5,000km or 3,000 miles, oil, filter, grease universals.

These diesels turn an easy 300,000km before they need much attention. (chain, not belt OHC!!)

11th Jun 2009, 02:13

We purchased a brand new 1991 Nissan Pathfinder SE-V6 4x4 with the heavy duty transfer case.

It has been a great vehicle. I've taken care of all its repair work since new.

It currently has 255000 miles on it. It is our second car now and still runs fine with a little rasp from the exhaust manifold leak that has been there since 1993. It is the front drivers side manifold stud that is broken.

I've replaced 4 timing belts, 3 water pumps, 2 alternators, 6 batteries, I modified the battery terminals with lead clamps, 4 sets of belts, 1 radiator, 5 sets of tires, 2 sets of lift gate shocks, 4 window motors (pulled out and repaired plastic shuttle on 3 of them), 1 starter, 1 spark plug wire set, 1 set of 4x4 shaft boots, seals and bearings, 5 sets of pads, 3 sets of front rotors, 1 brake caliper, 2 rear break cylinders. 1 transmission repair where the ball fell out inside of transmission for the shifter stop.

I also replaced the filter, friction plates and shift valves while I was in there, 2 A/C blower motors, 1 tiny rubber bumper behind the brake pedal, 1 intake duct, 3 times I had to repair the hose between the injector sets, 2 ignition rotors, 1 ignition coil, 1 ignition switch, 1 Stereo Amplifier, dry rotted speakers at 15 years old, all the dash vents and bezels melted and I replaced them. 1 set of bushings and ball joints.

I could go on a bit more, but I think I stated most of the work I did since new. Not one labor cost involved, just parts for me. Almost all of the work was what I would call routine. I am a lead foot and have driven this truck very hard most of its life, and it is running very well.